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What applications are out there to assist in cash forecasting and more effective management of cash and core treasury tasks?

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Why should Treasurers care about Cloud Computing and SaaS?


Peter Lyons, MBA, CMA
Title: Finance and Technology Enthusiast
Company: Currently Looking
(Finance and Technology Enthusiast, Currently Looking) |


There are a number of treasury workstation vendors out in the market who offer the same treasury workstation functions:

* Daily cash position worksheet
* Target balances
* Debt and investment management
* Funds transfer
* Communications
* Account reconciliation
* Bank relationship database
* Cash forecasting
* General ledger interface
* Report writing
* Utilities and security

1. My first question would be who is your current ERP provider? All of the big ERP providers offer a treasury workstation that can just plug into your existing infrastructure (i.e., SAP TW).

2. Is one of your requirements FX hedging?

3. Do you require FAS 133 reporting?

As you can see the requirements drive the solution. You may want to reach out to your financial institution to see what types of treasury services they offer that you're currently not taking advantage of.

In regards, to your question about why Treasurers should care about Cloud Computing and SaaS, I would respond that you're most likely already using SaaS (i.e., Expense Reporting, AP Workflow, ERP, CRM, etc.). SaaS offers a low cost and low maintenance service to end users that doesn't require the hardware and resource CapEX.


Scott Gunn
Title: CFO
Company: In-Transition
(CFO, In-Transition) |


Thanks for your response, but I was looking for insight into Cloud and SaaS based applications not treasury workstation/ERP insights. I am a pretty "seasoned" treasury professional.

What do Cloud and SaaS providers (NetSuite, Host Analytics, et al) offer to us treasury professionals?

Best regards,


Ray Calabrese
Title: Treasurer
Company: Interim Treasurer
(Treasurer, Interim Treasurer) |

Kyriba is a SaaS treasury management tool. I haven't used it my self, but I seena a demo and it does seem to lend itself to forecasting. RC

Chris Hopkins
Title: Director, US Corporate FX
Company: Westen Union Business Solutions
(Director, US Corporate FX, Westen Union Business Solutions) |

I know FiREapps has a great SaaS application for cash management/ treasury data focused on corporate foreign exchange exposures. I hope this helps.

Chris Hopkins

Title: Senior Treasury Consultant
Company: Kyriba Corp
(Senior Treasury Consultant, Kyriba Corp) |

IT2 Treasury Solutions does propose hosted and ASP solutions for the Treasury community. Whether your SaaS understanding is technical (not having the files on your site, caring about the maintenance of your database, benefiting from host secured and multi-site network), delivery-related (implementation time, out-of-the-box workflows and tools) or commercial (avoiding CAPEX as much as possible), IT2 has answered to clients' project requirements (including cash forecasting) for years.

Why should Treasurers care? The answer is they shouldn't be too much bothered about technical deliveries or commercial negotiation, as long their needs for a functional solution are answered within the boundaries of their constraints.

I'll be glad to put you in relation with one of our relationship managers. Have a look at IT2's website:

Shehab Jafari
Title: Financial Analyst
Company: PeopleNet
(Financial Analyst, PeopleNet) |

I've been using Adaptive Planning for the past few months and it has worked quite well for our forecasting. Prior to Adaptive, everything was in Excel.. after a little implementation and tweaking, our entire model is now in Adaptive and linked up to NetSuite. We use it not only for cash/balance sheet forecasting, but for all of our P&L forecasting/ budgeting as well- just pull in the actuals from NetSuite and play with assumptions to see how certain scenarios play out. I dont deal with them directly, but Fx is incorporated into NetSuite and im sure can be linked with Adaptive.

Topic Expert
Hubert Rappold
Title: Partner
Company: Schwabe, Ley & Greiner
(Partner, Schwabe, Ley & Greiner) |

It depends on the range of functionality you want to use. If your focus is on more on data logistics (collect treasury data from subsidiaries via the net) to do financial status (accounts, guarantees, fx-transaction, limits and their utilisation, signatory users, banking fees, counterparty risk, etc..) reporting, fx-reporting and cashflow forecasting, there are specialised
application which provide exactly this functionaly as SaaS, one of them being or own system the Treasury Information Platform. For more info or a demo get in touch.

Please note, that they are dependend on data feed into them from various sub-systems (erp, treasury workstation) or manual input and do not provide treasury workstation functionality.
These solutions are more like swiss knifes that allow you to do many things in flexible ways, react do changes very quickly and are easy to use while the treasury workstations requires
more training and is great to support the daily treasury operations. As those systems are web-accessible, it is also very easy to feed data into them from various sources, making them
also a great place for a treasury data hub, where all the reports needed can be generated out of one system that holds all the relevant data and that was designed to do exactly that. This should
avoid the situation, where you paid a fortune for a system, but still end up doing your reports in excel with all disadvantages that are associated with that.

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