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What do you like most about your job?

What do you like most about your job?

Since this is not a job interview, although this question does get asked in interviews, please try to answer without regard to how it may reflect upon you. I know, that is not easy!

I'll start things off. On the most basic level, I enjoy talking with people. My job provides me an opportunity to put that basic urge to use for a purpose. I'm a very social person, since before the word "social' meant anything other than in-person.

Editor's Discussion Summary:
  • Creating great results
  • Work relationships
  • Working with great people
  • Gaining knowledge
  • Friends in the workplace
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Bryan Frey
Title: VP Finance/Corp Controller
(VP Finance/Corp Controller, ) |

I love being a finance leader (currently VP fin) b/c, if you do it right, you get invited to all the cool parties at the company. Okay, what I mean is, every project, every strategy session and every critical decision your company makes will have your fingerprint on it in a good way. I love being asked for my or my team's participation in these critical items. It gives me great job satisfaction that significantly outweighs the hours, the stress and the hard work. They are all part of my life, but the payoff is having an impact on my company that I can "own".

Sarah Jackson
Title: Associate Editor
Company: Proformative
(Associate Editor, Proformative) |

Proformative offers 400+ business courses with free CPE, many on careers.

(Finance Director) |

I love the people interaction too, and the opportunity to work flexible hours!

(Manager) |

I think the best job interview answers are in synch with reality and are more than just the words spoken. I know when I'm the interviewer, I look at and consider the words spoken, plus the way they're said.

So, showing enthusiasm for a friendly and fun atmosphere, or the people one worked with, and/or the fact that the leadership team was great, helps make your answer relevant to the question by being enthusiastically true.

The interviewer has to really get that when you're asked to "tell me about yourself," such as "what do you like most about your job," you're answering enthusiastically honestly.... not just saying some stuff.

Jyoti Prakash
Title: sr exective
Company: Stellar Data Recovery
(sr exective, Stellar Data Recovery) |

I love to generate new visitor/client through reputed source and opportunity to work with dynamic leader.

M. Feldman
Title: Controller
Company: Private
(Controller, Private) |

I enjoy the sincere appreciation I receive from not only my boss, but also the people I work with. A heartfelt “thanks” goes a long way to improving my attitude and productivity.

I like that the company I work for is not too paternalistic. Schedule adjustments are never a big deal.

In terms of the nuts and bolts of my job, it involves spreadsheets and numbers and a lot of problem solving. I’ve always enjoyed puzzles and am always discovering new Excel features, which only serve to remind me how little I really know about its full capabilities.

My company also pays for outside training, without many stipulations. So, I can enhance my skills as I see fit and have time. I guess they trust that employees generally want to succeed and if they feel they need some training, they probably do.

Little things go a long way, such as company lunches, recognizing birthdays and actual achievements.

I’m adequately paid and at the same time feel that it is fairly linked to a performance review process.

We switched to an unlimited pto policy, which takes a bit of getting used to. To me, it seems like I’m never quite sure if it’s okay to take time off. “Unlimited” really means “undefined,” but sounds better.

The physical environment is a little cramped, while at the same time open.

Crikey, my last two items are not things I particularly like!

Okay, ending on a positive note, I'm good at my job and feel positive about my contribution to the business at the highest level.

Topic Expert
Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
LinkedIn Profile
(President & CFO, |

I've enjoyed being a consultant / outsourced CxO for many years. I've been in a myriad of companies, different industries, sectors, size, organizational structure, public, private, non-profit, pristine, shady, questionable, growing, dying, in trouble, in turnaround, flying high, you name it.

It's provided me with a wealth of understanding and knowledge that permits me to add value where ever I go or end-up.

steve smith
Title: Manager
Company: Anonymous
(Manager, Anonymous) |

What I like most about my job is my employer's focus on results vs hours or exact location. I work from home three days per week to save on a lengthy commute. As long as I pay attention to results and getting my work done, it really doesn't matter if I start at 5:30 am or 7:30 am or noon... it's what comes from it that counts.

The fact that my employer understand that, actually increases my productivity and commitment to the job.

I don't begrudge the time in the office. Rather, I look forward to it more because it's a nice change of pace.

I believe that this approach actually relieves my CFO of the burden of micro-managing the intangibles of what I appear to be getting done, as opposed to what I am actually getting done. That's a huge win/win.

Chris Holtzer
Title: Senior Manager - Strategic Analysis
Company: Sargento
(Senior Manager - Strategic Analysis, Sargento) |

What I like best about my job is that a primary responsibility involves interacting with employees on all different levels of the organization and across all functional areas. I love that I get to learn new things about the company/business/market/etc everyday, and they only occasionally are finance/accounting specific.

I love finance and accounting, but I like steering the business more. In some prior roles I spent a lot of time and effort recording the business activity or projecting it, but now I get to shape it. While my title suggests that I would be heavy in the accounting world, I actually serve as the financial expert who engages all the other business areas day in and day out. It is by far the most rewarding role I have had yet!

Chris Shumate
Title: Accounting Manager
Company: Dominion Development Group, LLC
LinkedIn Profile
(Accounting Manager, Dominion Development Group, LLC) |

This question has really taking on a new meaning to me recently. What I love most about my job is the sense of family around our workplace. The work is hard, no doubt. Our company truly values people on a personal level, which makes the hardest days just as great. About 2 weeks ago we had one of our pilots die in a plane crash. He was a project manager flying to MS to meet with subs, owners, CMs, ACMs, etc. Something happened to the engine, the FAA is still investigating what happened.

But there were employees and ex-employees from throughout the Southeast, subcontractors from everywhere, and many others that traveled near and far to be with our company and his family. There truly is a sense of caring for one another extending from the owner of the company downward to the lowest paid person on staff.

What I like about my position (being a corporate accountant): I enjoy seeing the financial aspect of things, I like knowing how well the company is doing financially. Providing feedback too, offering insights to process improvements. The business side is fun also. However, the longer I work on the technical side of accounting, the more I would like to branch out into the operations side business. But I am where I am right now for a reason. I am choosing to enjoy every aspect of it for now.

Title: CFO
Company: C-Suite Services
LinkedIn Profile
(CFO, C-Suite Services) |

Hearing things like...."Emerson, I have never had a full understanding of how my business is currently operating until you came along and opened my eyes."

Topic Expert
Scott MacDonald
Title: President/Owner
Company: AlphaMac Resources, Inc.
(President/Owner, AlphaMac Resources, Inc.) |

This is a more nuanced question than many are thinking about. There are certain fundamental things that must be present - adequate pay, adequate benefits, relatively good working environment etc, that have be be present for anyone to enjoy their job. Unfortunately, there are many in management who look at polls and since pay and benefits are not usually at the top of the list, they don't think those are important. I see them as prerequisites for the ability of employees to then look at the more esoteric desires that need to be met.

I believe most of the answers given so far, are after those basic needs are met.

So, from my perspective, after these basic needs are met, I enjoy being appreciated for my work either through performance pay or at least someone taking the time to tell me, point blank, that they appreciate my efforts.

Dale Bolen
Title: VP Accounting
Company: C.R. Laurence Co.
(VP Accounting, C.R. Laurence Co.) |

Yep. Those are the "ante" that must be met.

Randy Moore
Title: CFO
Company: SJB Bagel Makers
(CFO, SJB Bagel Makers) |

Three F's: Function, Flexibility, and Freedom.
Function: being a valued resource and go-to person for all facets of the organization.
Flexibility: Able to work at home or at the beach, come and go from the office as necessary to handle family issues.
Freedom to perform my tasks and responsibilities by whatever means I deem necessary.

ArLyne Diamond
Title: Owner - President
Company: Diamond Associates
LinkedIn Profile
(Owner - President, Diamond Associates) |

I've been fortunate most of my life to have jobs I've loved. Currently, as a consultant, educator and writer, I get to help other people grow professionally and get to think about - and write about - areas that help that process. I love helping people and seeing the results. I love putting ideas together in a way that is more common sense and interesting way and having others learn from it.

Title: CFO
Company: C-Suite Services
LinkedIn Profile
(CFO, C-Suite Services) |

You don't know the satisfaction of showing a CEO who has been in the same business for 20-30 years other ways of doing or looking at things. Changing the perspective of someone who has been in the same weeds is extremely gratifying. The smile, the amazement, the lightbulbs flashing on a CEO.

Janella Crum
Title: Consultant
Company: Tier One Services
(Consultant, Tier One Services) |

Flexibility. Technology plays a big role in allowing for one to be flexible. Being able to balance a home-work life is very important to me.

Monica Carol
Title: Online Marketing Manager
Company: SmartyAds
(Online Marketing Manager, SmartyAds) |

I am currently working in the digital advertising company SmartyAds, I am a newbie to Programmatic but I do love it. It provides a wide range of opportunities and one can remain flexible at the same time. We can choose the tasks and areas we want to work for ourselves so that the work does not turn into routine. There are some drawbacks of course when it comes to misunderstandings with clients or within the team but it can be easily overcome due to clever communication.

Garba Usman Abubakar
Title: CCCM Officer
Company: UN Migration Agency IOM
(CCCM Officer, UN Migration Agency IOM) |

Serving humanity is my first priority. Working with UN Migration Agency have allowed me to contribute my quarter in humanitarian services and have also built in me the love for humanity and how to respect culture of any kind.

Sarah Quirin
Title: Director
Company: TTT Capital Partners
(Director, TTT Capital Partners) |

I love the the personal progress and life long learning within my job. To know to be just a little bit more sophisticated every day is my motivation.

Ela Masny
Title: Head of technical support
Company: Dream Machines
(Head of technical support, Dream Machines) |

I love to work in small companies that are growing and give me oppurtinity to grow as well. Also I love computers and talk to people and that is exactly what I do, answer on numerous various questions.

Marek Mazur
Title: Dzianinowe
Company: Project Manager
(Dzianinowe, Project Manager) |

It's hard to say but I thin in my job I like freedom the most. The moment where the boss comes and tell me about new project but I can honestly do everything in my personal way. Okay, maybe sometimes my ideas are not good so have to fix them but I have lot of freedom at my work.

Dmitry Garbar
Title: Senior Project Manager
Company: Belitsoft
(Senior Project Manager, Belitsoft) |

My clients, actually. I like working with driven people who visibly enjoy what they're doing. Gives me this "changing the world" feeling.

Trilogy Ltd
Title: Accountancy Services
Company: Trilogy Ltd
(Accountancy Services, Trilogy Ltd) |

I love the moment when my clients, give me positive feedback after having my service.(accountancy service)

Proformative Team
Title: Content
Company: Proformative
(Content, Proformative) |

Some interesting answers on this topic from ZipRecruiter:

Varun Jain
Title: Founder
Company: Miles Education
(Founder, Miles Education) |

I get to teach and impact thousands of lives! It is the best feeling ever!


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