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In the Wrong Job, Organisation Know, and will not let me go.

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Yes when you in the wrong job this does lead to "stress" knowing its another persons fault that you landed there and you are getting the full inpact of there error. I am currently working for a company in York. York Job Centre Plus forced me to take this position knowing my career background was not suited, reason I worked busisness to business (B2B) with clients and for different trades. Getting off York Job Centre Plus the company should have read my CV plus on line application form. Also I should have had an interview to go into job detail, instead I was invited for a formal appointment. Thats were the errors start. I have been with the company 3 weeks, two senior member of staff have been made aware I am from a different trade background. Unfair keeping me in a job in the company with the full knowledge I am from a different trade background. Unfair if I fail test two, the company will go through “disciplinary procedures” this will then go onto my staff record and future organisations requesting reference will see this. That then stops me obtaining a job, just unfair and they dont care on an individuals future. Plus it stops me returning to the company for a different job role, unfair and not right. I dislike there method of employment error finding Worse section of its minimum pay & I am expected to be in a managers job. Put all these together and you start to huff. I cant walk out of the door as Job Centre Plus rules and regulations would not accept that. I am on one side of the table while the company on the other side of the table and Job centre plus rules are in the middle.


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I am not familiar with "York Job Centre" and I would surmise that you are from the UK? However, I find it a bit unbelievable (especially in first world countries) that one can be FORCED to work (and you have NO option) irrespective whether you are qualified or not.

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Slavery is outlawed in all first world countries. You need to document everything with dates, times, names and the problems you encountered, especially their threats to damage your reputation if you leave.

You then need to find a solicitor who can help you.

You might also check this out.

Since slavery and blackmail are illegal in the UK, you should go to your nearest police station and file a complaint.


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