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What are the success fee's broker-dealers charge? 2020

Hello! Could someone please tell me. What are typical success fee's broker-dealers charge when raising capital for a fund? ex: equity, real estate, private placement, etc. Appr...
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Are pledged shares an example of floating charge?

Aarti Jarwani
Title: Not any
Company: Not any
(Not any at Not any)
Are pledged shares an example of floating charge?
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Valuation of Preferred Stock

Salman Anjum
Title: Teacher
Company: Self Employed
(Teacher at Self Employed)
What is the impact on the market price of preferred stock if the dividend payment is due and when it is paid? Suppose a company pays $5 as dividend every year 1- What is the mar...
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Business Payment terms

We purchased products off of a company for well over 30 years. Our business terms were 2% net 20 days. Now all of a sudden they want to switch the terms to Net 30 days. We were never co...
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Preferred Stock Authorized

Greg Ryan
Title: Engineer
Company: Boeing
LinkedIn Profile
(Engineer at Boeing)
What would be the incentive for a company to authorize "Preferred Stock" when the company already has common stock? Is Preferred Stock seen by management as another access to capital, s...
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Debt Matching

Ravi Ramcharan
Title: CFO
Company: self
(CFO at self)
Hello All, I would like to ask a question about debt matching. Finance theory would say match long term debt with long term assets (building, plant etc) and short term debt with shor...
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Debt and Equity

Ravi Ramcharan
Title: CFO
Company: self
(CFO at self)
Dear All, I know it is common knowledge that a company should have some debt. Is it because of only the tax benefit? What about if a company has no debt but abundant cash reserves...
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Line of Credit Pricing

We are renewing our line with our bank. We have a great relationship but I want to make sure that our pricing is good relative to current market conditions. We are a middle market compa...
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How do I negotiate a covenant cure clause?

(VP, Finance, Chief Financial Officer & C..)
I would like my bank to add a clause that if I violate a covenant, I have 10-20-30 days to cure the violation, which has obvious advantages. Have any of you been able to get such a cla...
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Pricing Asset Backed Hard Money Loans

I am in investor in a small business that makes asset backed hard money loans (typically 2-month to 24-month). We are looking for a line of credit against the current collateral to make...
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Need factoring or asset-based lender suggestions for Mass SaaS private company

(Director, Finance and Business Administr..)
Hello all, We are a very small (less than 20 people) SaaS company in Massachusetts looking for recommendations for a company that does a Factoring of Receivables or an Asset-Based lend...
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Difference between Regulatory Reporting & External Reporting.

Inderpal Singh
Title: Learner
Company: XYZ
(Learner at XYZ)
I am getting mailers for job openings in Regulatory Reporting and External Reporting. Can anyone pls help me in understanding the same. And, which area among these are more beneficial i...
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Stock Split - Issuer Side

Alin Muresan
Title: NA
Company: NA
(NA at NA)
Can anyone clarify if there is a formal restriction for Issuer to chose a ratio without remainder for a stock-split ? For example, is the issuer allowed to do perform the following exe...
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How do you account for a SAFE Agreement on a Cap Table

(Vice President of Finance)
We just raised $525K using a SAFE agreement and I am wondering how it should show on the Cap Table since we cannot calc the number of shares. For the momemt I just put the amount unde...
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