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The 2016 Hiscox Embezzlement Study: A report on white collar crime in America

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The impact of employee theft can rock an organization to its core. It threatens the trust employers place in their teams, damages morale, and can cause financial devastation. In 2015, the first Hiscox watchlist shed light on at-risk organizations and the profile of a perpetrator. This year we dig deeper into why seemingly good people go bad, and further highlight the greater risk of embezzlement for mid-sized and smaller organizations. Managing an employee’s control of and access to transactions is key to preventing and detecting embezzlements.

Download the 2016 Embezzlement Study today to learn more about employee theft cases that were active in the US federal court system in 2015, specifically those cases occurring in companies with fewer than 500 employees, which represents 69% of all Federal cases reviewed.

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