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Business Intelligence, Analytics and Planning for Legal Firms

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The legal landscape is changing at a faster pace than ever before. The profession faces increased regulatory changes, globalisation of legal markets, ever more demanding clients in terms of costs and level of service, and an increasingly competitive business environment.

In many areas, such as high-volume personal injury work, clients demand on-line information from law firms. To remain successful and improve profitability and growth, or even to survive, firms must adapt to a more business-like approach and seek competitive advantage. Market changes are forcing firms to take more risks in terms of fixed pricing, conditional and contingent fee work.

Firms must reduce the cost of the work, while maintaining or improving control and the level of client service. This requires the firm to access and analyse up-to-date financial and operational data to support and improve the thousands of individual day-to-day decisions that are made from a strategic level in terms of what business to focus on, the level of time and expense to be invested in a particular client or legal process, down to the individual fee-earner dealing with a specific matter.

Firms have vast masses of this data, but the existing plethora of tools on the market, largely unintegrated with each other, fail to provide the quality, timeliness and ease of access to the best information to support decision-making.

Firms must take advantage of the best business planning, performance management and analytical technologies. Download the fact sheet to learn more!

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