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Free Cap Table Example Spreadsheet & More

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Cap Table Example

You are welcome to use the attached pro-forma cap table example & liquidation analysis for your business but will appreciate it if it is not shared outside thereof.
Please note the following as you work with this template:
1. All numbers in bold blue font are inputs or assumptions that can be changed, as needed, to see the impact on the end result. Any number in standard black font is a formula, only change these if you clearly understand the impact.
2. This model is intended as a "pro-forma" look at a company's capital structure and how a liquidation / sale will affect the various shareholders based on several assumptions about each equity financing round. This is not intended to give precise detail, but rather to provide an estimate of the results.
3. This template includes several circular references (simultaneous equations). These are intended but will cause problems unless your Excel preferences require iterations - I recommend 100.
4. This template is built to handle a seed round, Series A and Series B. If you have additional series, you will need to expand the model to accommodate them but this should give you a good guide for doing so.
5. I won't promise that there are no errors in this cap table example template, however, I am not aware of any at this time.

Kent Thomas

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