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E-mail Template - Introduction to a Recruiter

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Goal of the Tool:
To improve the effectiveness of reaching out to a recruiter to introduce yourself

Using This Tool:
This tool is designed for reaching out to a recruiter for the first time.
Its intent is NOT to set up a meeting, but to get you into their database.
The goal with recruiters is to get into their database, because it is the first source they use for every search.
If the recruiter has an active search that you fit, then they will likely ask to meet. 
If there is not active search that fits you, then a recruiter will meet you to expand their network or simply to be polite to whomever referred you. 

However, set your expectations appropriately for how much you can ‘stand out’ after a single meeting. Recruiters usually contact between 100 – 200 people for every role filled, so the sheer volume of candidates they still in a year is staggering.

It does provide the offer to meet, but leave it to the recruiter discretion to elect if they wish to meet.

The goal for the is simple: Provide practical advice for candidates from candidates to help shorten your search and keep your spirits up. So please visit the blog or Guide to Job Search at
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