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Networking Tools - 10 Questions to Understand a Company

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Goal of the Tool:
To prepare for a networking meeting or interview by establishing a baseline understanding of a company (need served, business model, etc.)

Using This Tool:
I have used these 10 questions a couple of hundred times during my career. For anyone who has done business cases or raised capital, these are the same questions you will get from investors. The tool has the questions and then recommended people within the company to ask.

For networking - By understanding the company of the person with whom you are networking (especially a contact that is important for making connections into a targeted company), you dramatically increase your chances of finding connections that would be valuable to them. If you open with a valuable contact (See "80% Rule of Networking” Resource), they will be more open to help - as you've established the tone of a true networking meeting.

For interviewing - Asking questions is just as important, if not more so, than answering them. Use this tool to help develop a set of questions where you need more depth on the business model, marketing strategy, etc. - it moves your questions from 'discovery' to 'discussion', it also shows you've done some good homework.

The goal for the is simple: Provide practical advice for candidates from candidates to help shorten your search and keep your spirits up. So please visit the blog or Guide to Job Search at

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