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The Top 10 Craziest Business Expenses of 2016 [Infographic]

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Wax Lips to Llama Rentals, its the Top 10 Craziest Expenses of 2016

You've heard the stories. Lavish entertainment spending, exquisite fine dining and other unchecked perks that come with travel on the company dime. Well, Certify has collected all the silly and scandalous details for the Top 10 Craziest Expenses of 2016. Analyzing survey results from more than 430 business travelers, the Top 10 Craziest Expenses of 2016 infographic is sure to surprise even the most seasoned business professional.

You just won't believe what some people try to get away with. Check out the Craziest Expenses of 2016 now, compliments of Certify.

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