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Venture debt proposals analysis framework

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This is an analysis framework I have used when bidding out venture debt deals for private companies. It is quite simply a spreadsheet with significant venture debt factors and some core calculations to get to an IRR on all of the varying deals (you can see some of the IRR calcs in the sub-sheets). If you are new to venture debt deals or are looking for a way to pull all of your bid data together, this may (I hope) help you out. As you will see, some of the respondents quote straight venture debt while others combine venture debt with asset-backed debt and others still only bid asset-backed. This is why I always suggest getting a number of bids b/c, as you can see, the results vary quite a bit! It is from a few years back so the rates are way off of where they are today. As always, let me know if you see room for improvement or need for changes.

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