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Host Analytics Demo Webinar

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Host Analytics Demo WebinarHost Analytics complete online application suite gives executives full visibility into business performance, allowing them to make more confident decisions. Finance and accounting teams free-up time wasted on collecting data from spread sheets and transition systems because Host Analytics streamlines and automates fragmented financial and operational processes like: budgeting, planning and forecasting; financial and management reporting and disclosure including XBRL; financial consolidation and close; strategy management; operational and transaction analytics and dashboarding; and, external drivers.

This Host Analytics demo webinar video is from the Proformative webinar "Technology Demo: How Host Analytics Streamlines, Budgeting, Planning, and Financial Reporting Processes" held on August 22, 2012. The webinar features a presentation from Rob Frascone, Solution Consultant, Host Analtyics.


Host Analytics Demo Webinar


"As John said, my name is Rob Frascone. I am a Solution Consultant with Host Analytics and what that means to all of you is that coupled with the finance experience that I have, over 18 years in both public and corporate accounting in various roles throughout FP&A, corporate accounting, revenue recognition, really kind of span the breadth of disciplines. I honestly have a very strong functional software background. What my role is is to help customers and prospects understand what their requirements are and how there are products that are solutions that corporate performance management can help them improve their performance and streamline their processes to ultimately help their bottom line. The majority of today's event is going to be a software demonstration so we will quickly get into that and we'll go pretty high level through pretty much all the software.

As I said before, we are a full corporate performance management suite and we are actually the only SaaS based, full CPM suite that's out there right now. Some vendors will so stop at budgeting and planning and report and we'll add into that a full range of analytics, scorecarding as well as a fully functional consolidation of the suite. We'll cover that during the software demonstration.

As you see from just looking at the slides, as to the functional areas that we cover. Cloud, fast delivery model, so low total cost of ownership, very little to no IT  nvolvements. For better or for worse what that means is that you can access the software, you users can access the software from anywhere in the world provided they have access to the Internet and are set up in this system with a username and password. So it's true access from anywhere. The downside of that is we all work all the time now. I think that's the reality.

The great thing about it is that we have customers who within two weeks after activation, we don't even call implementation because it's little more than setting a customer up and flipping a switch, they're in the system, importing or interfacing actuals into our system and they're creating reports before our services, people even get involved to create the budget templates. That's the speed of a fast model.

So I wanted to make sure that's something that we talked, they understood. And world class support services. Most of our support, we call technical support, but it's really functional support, and our support staff is staffed by individuals who are former accountants, recovering accountants if you will, former finance professionals who have deep functional backgrounds, because that's what most of those tickets or calls are really about. They're not about we got to go through an upgrade process and I've got to move all this data or the server's down or something technically is not working. It's more about, "I want to try doing this, give me some ideas or help me understand what the best way is to do it in your software."

I didn't say this before but we are a 12-year-old business. We were founded in the year 2000, so right after a lot of software companies were going out of business. Our founders decided well, we would start that year. So we've been around for 12 years and we've got customers that literally span the globe and this slide just give you kind of an understanding of, a little flavor of some of the customers we have in the different verticals that we serve, all the way from CPG to technology companies.

So as I said before, the Host Analytics CPM solution is the only complete corporate performance management quite in the cloud. There is no other right now. We take kind of a modular approach to how we design the software and how we price the software so it's not an all in scenario where you have to buy everything and sign up for everything. The software can grow with you as your business changes, as it becomes more complex.

Very typical for our customers to start out at budgeting and planning and forecasting reporting only and then they start acquiring business and these businesses have multiple ERP systems all over the world and then they need a consolidation tool because they may never get to a single ERP system and if they do it could be years down the road. Definitely, we're designed to grow with you as you grow. It runs the gamut from out budgeting and forecasting, both for OpEx and revenue, capital planning, down to building in collaboration tools through workflow throughout our systems.

So gone are the days of sending out Excel spreadsheets and then not having any idea where individuals and department managers are at in completing those spreadsheets. We give you some pretty nice tools to really see where everyone is at in the process including multi-level approval if that's something you're interested in, as well.

Of course, none of that is good unless you have powerful analysis and reporting tools so we use a design where each customer has a SQL server database along with a multidimensional database and that's really where the power is for analysis. So you can set up your system using the segments and the dimensions that you want, whether or not it's set up in the same way your general ledger system, you ERP system, and really do some powerful reporting and analysis including ad hoc reporting, dashboards and scorecards if [inaudible 00:05:56] scorecard is something that you're interested in, as well. Like I said before, we're in the cloud so anytime, anywhere access and monthly releases. Your IT department does not have to worry about those any more.

We talked about budgeting and planning and forecasting. I talked about the ability to grow. Consolidation tool is something we see our customers growing into and that's, typically when you expand very quickly you have disparate ERP systems or you just need to do things like intercompany eliminations, you've got minority interest that you have to deal with, you're dealing in multiple currencies, you have to do currency translations.

On top of that, our disclosure management tools. We've got something that's fairly unique to the industry in our executive report manager where you think about those process for building budget book or board books or FCC reports, you 10-Q and 10-K, any process like that where you're gearing up financial data from reports, other systems, scorecards, the dashboards, etc., which text narrative type information. I know my background, my history, I remember even at large companies using Word and Excel to do that and that's not a great set of tools or process to take or approach to take to do that, especially when you're in an environment where we had a lot of
post-closed adjustments so you're constantly updating those reports. It took hours on end to update for every iteration.

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We help you speed that process up by being able to produce all that within Host Analytics. You can take all of you reports, you can take third-party documents, Excel, Word, image files, and embed all of your text, your narrative, right in our tool and then create a word document from that and even a PowerPoint document from that. Our [inaudible 00:07:45] technology just allows you to bring in through sources, through partners that we have through MorningStar and others and [inaudible 00:07:52]. KPI's benchmarks, public company information as well, you can bring that into the system, and just provide a more process efficient system as well as just give you visibility in you business, be able to speed up that process and be able to help you measure your business against other businesses in your field in an automated fashion.

The last thing I want to talk about here is our new reporting analytics. So on top of everything that we have, we do have some report analytics functionality that we've just rolled out recently and it can look to CRM data, operational data, finance data that's coming through the system, and your workforce planning data as well that we'll talk about in a minute, that if you're going to be managing for a forecast basis within Host Analytics.

With that, we are going to start the demonstration. So right now you should all be seeing a login screen. I'm showing you a login screen on purpose because I really want to drive home the benefits of being able to access the software from anywhere at any time. So I'm just going to go ahead an log in to the system. Choosing a username and password.

So I'm logged into the system and now I'm just, excuse me, just moving something out of the way here. I wanted to just give you a brief understanding and brief kind of lay of the land of how our software, what I looks like. For a lot of you you've probably never seen it before. What is an end user going to so see? So we'll split the demonstration up in between two areas, and one is kind of an end-user view and one is more of a super user finance view. Given the time, let's stay pretty high level but it'll give you a good flavor of what it's going to look like depending on what type of user you are.

So up at the top left here, this will be the same for both views, we just have access to out application, so our budgeting and planning application, a reporting engine . . ."

End partial; Host Analytics Demo Webinar


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