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Host Analytics Webinar - Technology Demo

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Host Analytics WebinarThis Host Analytics webinar will demonstrate how Host Analytics complete online application suite gives executives full visibility into business performance, allowing them to make more confident decisions.  Finance and accounting teams free-up time wasted on collecting data from spread sheets and transition systems because Host Analytics streamlines and automates fragmented financial and operational processes like:  budgeting, planning and forecasting; financial and management reporting and disclosure including XBRL; financial consolidation and close; strategy management; operational and transaction analytics and dashboarding; and, external drivers.

This video is from the Proformative webinar "Technology Demo: How Host Analytics Streamlines, Budgeting, Planning, and Financial Reporting Processes" held on October 17, 2012.


Host Analytics Webinar

It's a pleasure to be able to talk to all of you today via this Host Analytics webinar and before I get started with the actual software demo I just wanted to go through a couple of high level concepts and reiterate some of the things that John had just talked about, about what we provide here at Host Analytics for our customers and why we think corporate performance management and specifically why budgeting and planning solutions are so important, especially these days to companies.

When we think about companies that are using outdated manuals, the biggest of those being Excel spreadsheets which, unfortunately, I had to use and it was really quite inefficient, what happens by using those systems, the process takes too much time. There can be very frequent errors. It's expensive and slow to send spreadsheets back and forth and then be able to pull it all together and roll it up, and if you make any mistakes, obviously any kind of mistakes that make their way to a public disclosure can be very costly and embarrassing to your company.

What Host Analytics does is we have tried to make that whole process a lot more efficient and more reliable.

Deloitte did a survey and published it in their CFO Signals report earlier this year. They said that the number one challenge faced by finance organization is being able to provide metrics information, and more importantly, the technology and the tools needed to make sound business decisions.

Companies want to be able to provide the right data at the right time to give their executives information to make sound business decisions. I'm sure that's something that all of you have thought about or faced daily.

What needs to be done first with the budgeting and planning is to organize the key data and the processes. You can see on this slide the flow of information goes through the various roles and activities during the process, but it's a complex process and even within finance there are many people involved.

When I do the demo in a few minutes you'll see I address some of the different roles and you can see that unless all that information is going efficiently and accurately from one step to the next, it's building, and it doesn't get to the end result the way that it's going to be most usable.

If you think of cloud technology and I guess if you compare it to traditional software, the on premise systems that so many of us have used, think of it like a power system or a power producing plant where it's expensive and there's a lot of infrastructure that has to be done. There's, of course, high upfront costs, a lot of maintenance that needs to be done, versus a cloud system where you're, in essence, getting your electricity and your utility power off of a grid.

It's a similar concept to how we set up the financial software system here. The cloud technology represents moving away from this traditional utility-based approach to one that uses a subscription-based model. This means that the total cost of ownership and the time to value is decreased and you begin to see value from your investment much quicker.

Instead of having to pay for all the upgrades to get the systems, or to get the systems uploaded and to get new hardware and software, all of that instead in a cloud-based model is included in your subscription price. It requires far less IT involvement and cost and it really can be a system that is maintained and run by the finance organization.

What is the world's standard in business decisions? Well, what Host Analytics does is help companies put into place global standards and best practices so that our customers can very easily make quick decisions on initiatives such as "Should we cut our costs here?" or "Should we invest in certain areas?" or "Should we hire?"

Companies can then make no-go or go decisions based on the real time financial facts. This includes things like "what if" scenarios. It's probably something that you're asked many times and need a tool to be able to give you that information.

You can see that this affects every role in the organization. This is not just finance. This is definitely operational as well, and the data that you need to be able to make those decisions is coming from both internal and external systems, both financial and operational, and it's needed on a timely basis. It's not just people sitting at their desks looking at their computers anymore. We need to be able to access this information real time on our iPads, even iPhones or in a very efficient manner.

You'll see here on the next slide some of the customers that represent the many different industries that use Host Analytics. These are companies that are large enterprises, all the way down to the small privately held companies and all those in between.

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You may even see companies very similar to yours on here, and Host Analytics offers the only full corporate performance management solution in the cloud that over on the right, the left-hand side, sorry, you see this includes consolidations, reporting, budgeting, being able to disclose your information, which all leads to being able to take correct strategy and make decisions based on the right information.

The people that work at Host Analytics have come from market leaders. Because the corporate performance market is expanding, Host has a very qualified team of people that are representing the software.

If I go one step further into the detail of what is included with the Host products, budgeting is our main product and you can see it includes things, and as I get into the demo you'll see that it budgets for all aspects of your organization.

The consolidations, it has a separate module to do. This is true accounting consolidation, not just rolling up your budget information, but truly handling the gap or the accounting rules and being able to do multi-currency translations, being able to handle inner-company and elimination entries and rolling all that information up to present consolidated information.

Host Analytics also includes the tools to be able to disclose that information in very polished ways as well as starting from the base financial statements all the way up to being able to make presentations and show that information in formats that are ready for a board of directors or maybe even the SEC 10Q and 10K reports, and I'll get into that a little bit in my demo.

Host also has the ability to bring information in from outside of your own company's systems. Things like indicators, maybe customer confidence or being able to benchmark your data against other companies.

You can see at the bottom what Host Analytics does is bring all the information from your existing systems, your ERP systems, customer management systems, your payroll, as well as your GF, your general ledger-ing, your accounting systems. All of that can be brought into the Host system or the Host database to be able to be the basis with which you perform the budgeting and the various processes.

Most recently we have just recently added a complete business analytics tool that sits on top of it all, to be able to truly show the health of your organization and look at graphical representations of how your information and how your business is doing, to be able to let you know where to go and drill down into the details to get the information you need to make those decisions or to get it to the decision makers.

With that introduction, I'm going to start my demonstration. I'm just handing over right now and I would suggest that folks maximize their screen so you can see all of the details on the demo screen from Sharon's machine.

All right, thank you. What I'm going to do is I mentioned the different roles in an organization and that a budget process really isn't just the finance people sitting in their department.

End partial transcript: Host Analytics Webinar


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