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Karen Dillon
Title: Payroll lManager
Company: JPMS
(Payroll lManager at JPMS) Does your company use Paylocity for annual salary input at a supervisor level? Escalating the change to the next level supervisor for approval? If so, does this work for you? We are having issues with this working. We currently have a supervisor and reviewer (next level...
Jyoti Prakash
Title: sr exective
Company: Stellar Data Recovery
(sr exective at Stellar Data Recovery) Any tool, application, or software that is running on Microsoft Windows can encounter problems and the QuickBooks is no exception. For working properly, different components of QuickBooks depend upon Windows Operating System, wherein it is installed. Therefore, if something...
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Kelly Zawalski
Title: Corporate Controller
Company: Lavante, Inc.
(Corporate Controller at Lavante, Inc.) We are a 75 person private Company looking to transition from an independent payroll service provider to a SAS 70 Type II provider this year. We are in the process of evaluating ADP vs. paychex, but are open to considering other providers, as well. Top...
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Div Jangid
Title: Business Consultant
Company: HyperDrive
(Business Consultant at HyperDrive) I am using billing software and now I need stock management software to handle my growing business.
Anonymous Member
(CFO) We currently have an audio visual department who reports into operations and an IT department that reports into finance (CFO). This was fine a few years ago when the AV hardware requirements were small and they were mainly setting up projectors, speakers, etc for special...
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katherine gilbert
Title: marketer
Company: wsa
(marketer at wsa) and any recommendation for companies? i hearing about yalantis, fueled and softxpert for mobile app development , which the best from them ?!
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Raymond thomass
Title: markter
Company: QSA
(markter at QSA) Is MailChimp or Constant Contacta better for email marketing solution ? i find this comparison between mailChimp vs constant Contact , check out this article and give me your opinion. Anyone...
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Scout Young
Title: CFO
Company: Private
(CFO at Private) I'm advising a small company ($10m) that offers both a subscription software platform (with a multitude of options) and still more options for various add-on services. The services may be one time or ongoing (e.g. support), which is changeable to different levels of...
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Diane Robbins
Title: VP Finance
Company: Private
(VP Finance at Private)
Anonymous Member
(Accounting Manager) Along with that question, what size is your company? Have you changed HR software as your organization has grown? If so, what benchmark did you use to know the time to change was coming?
Anonymous Member
(accounting) We are a small start up (75 people) and looking into HRIS providers, we narrowed it down to SilkRoad red Carpet and Heartbeat, or Bamboo HR +Benetrac so far . Anyone here has used either: Silkroad is much more integrated and more powerful, but maybe overly complex for our...
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Jeff Andrews
Title: Treasurer
Company: Private
(Treasurer at Private)
Doug Sleeter
Title: President
Company: The Sleeter Group, Inc.
(President at The Sleeter Group, Inc.) Do you find yourself wanting to scream at times? You have a full schedule for the day and meanwhile 5 people are trying to reach you, one by text message, another is e-mailing you and still more people are blowing up your phone trying to get on your calendar. This can...
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(Accounting) A manufacturing company has a vast line of products, e.g. product A which is being classified into alot of SKUs , i.e. grades, class, sizes and etc. On a per product basis, these are being broken down into alot of by-products which also has of SKUs.
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Camille Johnson
Title: Accounting Assistant
Company: Amitabh Bhatnagar CPA, CA
(Accounting Assistant at Amitabh Bhatnagar CPA, CA) Looking to switch from CCH iFirm to something else. Thank you!
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Diwakar Dev
Title: Developer
Company: Elumba Technology
(Developer at Elumba Technology ) we need Erp software with complete source code we need some basic need in erp, bos ,pos , sales/purchase , Inventory , Multiple organization , If it is ok then we can continue Thank you ,
Kyra Jakai
Title: Consultant
Company: Mindmajix
(Consultant at Mindmajix) Compare Oracle NetSuite vs. Oracle E-Business Suite. It's quite quick to compare and evaluate functions and characteristics between leading software with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Comparison Report.
Dale Murphy
Title: Manager, Digital Services
Company: Great-West Life
(Manager, Digital Services at Great-West Life) Anyone familiar with the ITBM market niche? Any recommendations for packages or vendors to check out?