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In the early stages of designing and deploying an equity plan resources are often tight and the process is typically manual leading to challenging times as the company grows and participant numbers increase. But even with limited resources, there are strategic ways to prepare... more >

Companies need to provide a seamless experience for their road warriors who are traversing the globe in search of new clients, attending conferences, exploring new business opportunities and checking on projects.

The goal of automating the T&E function isn’t just... more >

Despite widespread agreement that shortening the monthly and quarterly close is important, over the past decade our research has found no progress toward achieving this objective. Perhaps one reason is the available technology, which some companies have found too expensive,... more >

For many growing organizations the Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a beacon of success. Your company has ramped up sales, built strategic relationships, sustained growth and is ready for the big show. With a fresh infusion of cash, it’s time to take the business to the next... more >

This whitepaper discusses best practices for managing Millennials, specifically looking at ways to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. We will then apply this information directly to steps that can be taken to improve the close process.

Read on to... more >

Even though the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) has been in place since 2002, today’s accounting professionals continue to struggle to deliver the necessary means to improve the financial disclosure processes, and enact and validate the fraud prevention safeguards that the... more >

Automating the close management process, in short, makes the entire month-end close faster and more accurate. Who could argue with that, whether you’re the CFO, staff accountant, VP of Finance, or perhaps most of all, the Controller? But while the end game may differ by role... more >

If you talk to the spouse or close friend of almost any accounting or finance professional, they know about month-end close. They might not know all the details, but certainly they will be aware of the need to be intensely focused on work for a regularly scheduled period each... more >

This Blue Hill report describes the selection process and value proposition associated with FloQast, a software solution focused on organizing, governing, and accelerating the accounting close process. By interviewing five companies that identified and implemented FloQast as... more >

Simply put, Closing Software (“CS”) helps accounting departments close the books. CS helps to reduce close time, mitigate errors and streamline financial reporting.

Month-end is managed by the Controller, who assigns work to the team and uses an Excel checklist to... more >

Migrating to cloud-based financial reporting solutions is the goal of many organizations, in particular those that desire more flexibility, speed and accuracy than their current hodgepodge of disconnected spreadsheets and emails.

Among other challenges, siloed data can... more >

Download today to learn 10 reasons why accounting is better on the Salesforce platform!

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Traditional business models are getting shattered by subscriptions.

No one can doubt the new services economy is flourishing. The cloud, mobile, digital, connected devices, globalization - all these things have had a hand in reshaping business and powering new business... more >

The office of finance is changing at a rapid pace – and technology will have a significant impact on the role over the coming year.

2016 was a breakthrough year for technology. We saw voice recognition, chatbots and artificial intelligence surge. And now we’re seeing... more >

Modern CFOs face numerous challenges when it comes to taking the reins of business performance, including market volatility, and the on-demand expectations of employees, partners, and customers.

One major hurdle can be systems that are past their prime. Technology... more >

Reinvent statutory reporting as the foundation of an information-driven business.

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How finance connects company functions to drive smarter decision-making. The message is clear: the modern finance function must move faster, sharing insight about what’s happening now, not what happened yesterday. This is Operational Intelligence.

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The business world is accelerating. The proliferation of high-powered, low-cost technologies and global communications platforms is driving increased competition and more rapid change than ever before. This two-part paper outlines some of the key factors in delivering the... more >

Download to learn why KPMG Finance adopted BOARD for their integrated reporting, analysis, planning, budgeting, and forecasting!

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Inaccurate reimbursements can cost employers hundreds of dollars per employee each month, adding up to thousands of dollars over the course of a year. These costs are significant, but pale in comparison to settlements paid for reimbursement-related lawsuits. The Fair Labor... more >

Mileage fraud is one of the most common forms of employee theft. A survey by Chrome River of 1,072 business travelers found that 35% of those who committed expense fraud did so by exaggerating the duration or cost of their business mileage.

In fact, according to the... more >

For organizations with employees who drive for business, there are several options to consider when choosing a company vehicle program. These options include fleet programs with company-owned or leased vehicles, reimbursement programs that require less overhead costs, or... more >

For most businesses these days, change is not an option—it’s an imperative driven by customer expectations and the pace of innovation.

For the past two years, Oracle has partnered with the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and the Chartered Institute of Management... more >

As the role of modern CFOs expands, finance chiefs are tasked with monitoring the performance of all aspects of the business, including sales, HR, marketing, and the supply chain. To make informed decisions about how to run and grow the company, data needs to be consolidated... more >

The CFO and CIO are increasingly teaming up to ensure that an organization’s underlying technology architecture can support the right foundation and processes to scale their business. According to Gartner, CFOs and CIOs should expand their use of planning, modeling and... more >