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Focus On Your Business, Not Taxes. Here's How. The rapid evolution of the communications industry has made calculating taxes more complex than ever. As communications service providers fight to keep product offerings competitive, frequent changes in tax laws can be costly if... more >

Managing and monitoring employee travel and entertainment (T&E) costs and company expenses is a major area of focus for companies both large and small. In order to operate efficiently and meet all required accountabilities, it’s necessary to establish the right tools and... more >

CFOs are constantly pushed to deliver on many fronts. Talent, customer retention, and business agility are all at the top of the agenda. Get the Annual CFO Sentiment Report by The CFO Alliance and find out what strategic factors, operational challenges, and opportunities CFOs... more >

The pressures to perform well in accounting are heavy. Even the smallest lag or problem in your billing processes can have profound effects on your company's ability to forecast and keep cash flow moving in the right direction. Is your AP team up to the neck in invoices? Does... more >

As companies today are shifting to new business revenue models like software subscriptions, professional services, and product/service bundling, many CFOs are reassessing their revenue management procedures to accurately track what can be recognized and when. In light of... more >

To ensure 2016 is the year of negotiating the best outcome on your M&A deal, be prepared with these 11 tips for Chief Financial Officers.

more >

Industry studies have shown that the majority of U.S. businesses have little to no understanding of what it costs to process employee travel and entertainment expense reports for reimbursement. In fact, depending on the study, between 50–80% of companies have no mechanism in... more >

Skip the doctor and a minor infection becomes a life-threatening illness.

Skip a long-overdue review of your invoice-to-cash process and your AR department will be inefficient, waste money, and stop the cash your business desperately needs.

You don’t need to... more >

In order to survive, grow, and compete in the digital age, organizations need an ERP that is highly flexible and able to adapt which is why any company making an ERP purchase today should give serious consideration to the platform on which it's developed. If built on the... more >

What do Star Trek and Kenandy Cloud ERP have in common? Both have experienced a rebirth as a next generation! Just like the next generation of Star Trek, Kenandy designed its new ERP from scratch with a singular purpose in mind: to deliver a robust solution quickly that would... more >

Cloud is evolving from an internal-facing point solution to an enabler of connected cloud economies. In this next phase of the cloud, CIOs will now play a role in orchestrating cloud ecosystems — which connect employees, customers, partners, and devices — to serve rising... more >

As midmarket organization expand, they reach a point where managing the business becomes too large of a task for business leaders to handle on their own. This is why many best-in-class mid-market businesses are over twice as likely to deploy their ERP solutions on the cloud.... more >

For growing organizations that want to use ERP as a multi-tiered strategy, cloud ERP is now a compelling option. Two key reasons to consider the cloud as a vital solution include: lower capital expenditures and a significant decrease on IT cost. However, selecting an ERP is... more >

You’re the CFO. And the buck stops with you.

You’re responsible for the financial activities inside your company, and you work hard to keep the company lean and successful. You manage people, you manage money, and you manage your time.

It’s always about trying... more >

Financial services firms are intently focused on the challenges of competing in fast-changing, competitive markets. At these firms, finance executives and managers are expected to play a pivotal role by supplying visibility into financial performance and helping
to... more >

Over the years, QuickBooks has become the de facto standard financial software for small businesses, with more than 5 million businesses using it. QuickBooks is the best fit for many businesses on day one, but is it the right choice to enable rapidly growing
businesses... more >

To discover how cloud-based ERP systems support and accelerate growing organizations, NetSuite engaged senior IT executives in discussions on the topic. These executives shared case studies of why they switched from on-premise to cloudbased systems, how the implementation... more >

There is no longer even a question. Modern business requires a cloud-based platform to stay out in front of the competition you know and the innovative disruptor you might not know yet.

It is a world of pivoting these days. Bold leaders fully grasp that to win they... more >

A step-by-step guide to overcoming common customer objections to going paperless and improve customer satisfaction through eBilling services.

more >

Learn the best practices on how businesses are paying bills today.

more >

Accounts Receivable organizations are increasingly faced with doing more with less while keeping up with the newest technology. This white paper outlines the current state of invoicing and payments, supplier challenges to implementing EIPP, and factors driving interest in... more >

As part of a 21st-century invoice-to-cash strategy, companies should look beyond the operational aspects and explore the specialized knowledge, experience and technology required to offer a world-class invoice-to-cash system that gives them a strategic advantage.

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Insider’s tips for protecting yourself from cash flow instability caused by increasing postal rates, office closures, and reduced delivery days.

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CFOs refer to cash as the “oxygen” of their business. Here are 3 ways to improve DSO with the invoice-to-cash process.

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The bill presentment and payment process is an often overlooked and under-leveraged opportunity to drive business efficiency, increase cash flow, enhance profitability and make — or break — customer relationships. This white paper examines the opportunity to create strategic... more >

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