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Creating a policy on managing, storing and retaining documentation can be time-consuming, but in the absence of a policy, organizations are in the wilderness without a map. Once created and enforced, an effective policy will greatly reduce the amount of time related to the... more >

Different finance departments want different financial solutions. Some may simply require financial reporting while, at the other end of the spectrum, some will want a comprehensive performance management solution. This paper compares different approaches to these choices... more >

Every year, like clockwork, we finance professionals begin what is the most dreaded enterprise process known to our kind. The spreadsheets, the all-nighters at the office, the unreliable information and again, the never-ending spreadsheets, are all contributors to the hell... more >

This guide is based on the cumulative experience of Carlson Management Consulting’s team having performed more than 175 implementations and optimizations of Adaptive Insights with clients internationally and in a broad range of industries. Furthermore, we have built a... more >

A great deal has been written over the past 20 years regarding companies’ efforts to simplify their internal decision-making frameworks and use more real-time data in an effort to be more flexible and adaptable to an increasingly unpredictable business environment. The... more >

Intuitively, many of us recognize that the decision window for executives has been shrinking with each passing year. Information dissemination has become real-time and on demand; however, the challenge for many finance functions is to try and keep pace with all the modern... more >

Large enterprises are challenged to maintain profitability because they cannot effectively access and utilize data for either long-term planning or short-term decisions.

Aberdeen research finds that top performers rely on technology to more easily access data that... more >

Success in business is measured by what’s accomplished, and effective planning improves an organization’s ability to consistently achieve its objectives. When it comes to Sales, many organizations are slow to recognize how ineffectual their sales planning process is and how... more >

People are the most valuable asset of every organization. To maximize their value, though, management must think carefully about how to use them. Workforce Planning helps organizations address every aspect related to employees, from overall head count to individual hiring,... more >

Many CFOs are successfully leveraging Cloud technology in their Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) processes to transform their finance organizations and generate value for the business. What are the key trends in the way Finance leaders are implementing and using Cloud... more >

Continuous accounting focuses on automation because using software to automate manual tasks improves efficiency and speeds the completion processes. This is particularly important for the accounting close.

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Corporate planning can be digitally transformed and improved by applying technology to integrate more tightly the company’s budget with its business operating plans.

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In recent years, business forecasts have had to become faster and more flexible-ready to be adjusted at a moment's notice. As earnings and product cycles accelerate, it has become clear that the business world is decisively moving towards treating rolling forecasts as... more >

By institutionalizing the “Twelve Best Practices of a World Class Corporate M&A Program” provided within this white paper, an organization can significantly evade the common pitfalls that cause an acquisition to fail. The cost of failure can be quite substantial. Once... more >

You might think spreadsheets are “good enough” for expense reports, but is good enough really good enough?

Business owners already spend more in the T&E category than in any other, and the use of spreadsheets only adds on the dollars. It’s like a lot of things in... more >

Whether “finance” is in your title or is just one of the items on your plate, chances are you’ve
seen your list of responsibilities get longer. Many of today’s finance leaders are expected to take on everything from growth planning and risk management to pricing... more >

Financial or statutory consolidation is a specialist activity steeped in complex accounting standards and regulatory reporting requirements that can vary quite significantly across the world. As such, since the introduction of consolidation applications in the mid-eighties,... more >

Lew Platt, former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard (HP), famously said, “If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive”. It highlights that for many organizations even rudimentary decision making is fraught with difficulty. Recent research puts the... more >

Finance professionals are facing some of the most demanding and challenging conditions for decades and this survey brings into sharp reality the progress they have made along the modern finance journey, namely:

  • striving to be better business partners
  • ... more >

In an increasingly complex business environment with so many ‘moving parts’ (economic, operational and technical) the ability to make decisions crisply and decisively is becoming ever more crucial to competiveness. But at the same time, there have been a number of advances in... more >

Smart CFOs know that the key to faster and more insightful decision-making, (“digital decision-making”, as we have called it), doesn’t mean recklessly throwing resources at the problem but a return to the fundamentals, most notably aligning decisions to strategic and... more >

This report uncovers how top performing communications organizations utilize technology to ensure tax compliance, while enabling the business to evolve to become more competitive and, ultimately, profitable.

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Anyone who works in the realm of 3Gs, 4Gs and Internet protocols knows this: Rapid adoption of new technologies has forever changed how we communicate. Cellular networks, cable, satellite, VoIP and a multitude of emerging innovations have expanded the scope of the... more >

In this white paper, we identify the challenges faced – and caused – by AP processes; examine the evolution of AP from back office drudge to strategic business contributor; and identify how the implementation of advanced automation is empowering CFOs to change the game.

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Behind every success story are dozens, if not hundreds of businesses that didn’t survive. Learn the secrets of automation, and how it can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

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