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You might think spreadsheets are “good enough” for expense reports, but is good enough really good enough?

Business owners already spend more in the T&E category than in any other, and the use of spreadsheets only adds on the dollars. It’s like a lot of things in... more >

Whether “finance” is in your title or is just one of the items on your plate, chances are you’ve
seen your list of responsibilities get longer. Many of today’s finance leaders are expected to take on everything from growth planning and risk management to pricing... more >

Financial or statutory consolidation is a specialist activity steeped in complex accounting standards and regulatory reporting requirements that can vary quite significantly across the world. As such, since the introduction of consolidation applications in the mid-eighties,... more >

Lew Platt former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard (HP) famously said, “If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive”. It highlights that or many organizations even rudimentary decision making is fraught with difficulty. Recent research puts the... more >

Finance professionals are facing some of the most demanding and challenging conditions for decades and this survey brings into sharp reality the progress they have made along the modern finance journey, namely:

  • striving to be better business partners
  • ... more >

In an increasingly complex business environment with so many ‘moving parts’ (economic, operational and technical) the ability to make decisions crisply and decisively is becoming ever more crucial to competiveness. But at the same time, there have been a number of advances in... more >

Smart CFOs know that the key to faster and more insightful decision-making, (“digital decision-making”, as we have called it), doesn’t mean recklessly throwing resources at the problem but a return to the fundamentals, most notably aligning decisions to strategic and... more >

This report uncovers how top performing communications organizations utilize technology to ensure tax compliance, while enabling the business to evolve to become more competitive and, ultimately, profitable.

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Anyone who works in the realm of 3Gs, 4Gs and Internet protocols knows this: Rapid adoption of new technologies has forever changed how we communicate. Cellular networks, cable, satellite, VoIP and a multitude of emerging innovations have expanded the scope of the... more >

In this white paper, we identify the challenges faced – and caused – by AP processes; examine the evolution of AP from back office drudge to strategic business contributor; and identify how the implementation of advanced automation is empowering CFOs to change the game.

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Increasingly, employees are requesting and requiring professional development programs as a condition of working for, or staying with, an employer. Companies that do not offer training as a benefit are struggling to hire and retain highly qualified workers, leading to higher... more >

Behind every success story are dozens, if not hundreds of businesses that didn’t survive. Learn the secrets of automation, and how it can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

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As a foundational corporate transactional function, accounts payable establishes the integrity of the supplier master file within the Procure to Pay (P2P) process and ensures accuracy of this critical financial transaction through the Record to Report (R2R) process. This... more >

Finance is shifting from traditional rigid and manual accounting processes to more automated, more flexible, and more agile cloud based systems. This shift is essential, because it provides the productivity benefits so that finance can focus more on reporting and analyzing... more >

Technology transforms businesses every day. Customers are spending more time evaluating products before even contacting a business, visibility into real-time data is now a must-have, and constant accessibility from any device is a standard. But, the impact that technology is... more >

Focus On Your Business, Not Taxes. Here's How. The rapid evolution of the communications industry has made calculating taxes more complex than ever. As communications service providers fight to keep product offerings competitive, frequent changes in tax laws can be costly if... more >

Managing and monitoring employee travel and entertainment (T&E) costs and company expenses is a major area of focus for companies both large and small. In order to operate efficiently and meet all required accountabilities, it’s necessary to establish the right tools and... more >

CFOs are constantly pushed to deliver on many fronts. Talent, customer retention, and business agility are all at the top of the agenda. Get the Annual CFO Sentiment Report by The CFO Alliance and find out what strategic factors, operational challenges, and opportunities CFOs... more >

The pressures to perform well in accounting are heavy. Even the smallest lag or problem in your billing processes can have profound effects on your company's ability to forecast and keep cash flow moving in the right direction. Is your AP team up to the neck in invoices? Does... more >

As companies today are shifting to new business revenue models like software subscriptions, professional services, and product/service bundling, many CFOs are reassessing their revenue management procedures to accurately track what can be recognized and when. In light of... more >

To ensure 2016 is the year of negotiating the best outcome on your M&A deal, be prepared with these 11 tips for Chief Financial Officers.

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Industry studies have shown that the majority of U.S. businesses have little to no understanding of what it costs to process employee travel and entertainment expense reports for reimbursement. In fact, depending on the study, between 50–80% of companies have no mechanism in... more >

Skip the doctor and a minor infection becomes a life-threatening illness.

Skip a long-overdue review of your invoice-to-cash process and your AR department will be inefficient, waste money, and stop the cash your business desperately needs.

You don’t need to... more >

In order to survive, grow, and compete in the digital age, organizations need an ERP that is highly flexible and able to adapt which is why any company making an ERP purchase today should give serious consideration to the platform on which it's developed. If built on the... more >

What do Star Trek and Kenandy Cloud ERP have in common? Both have experienced a rebirth as a next generation! Just like the next generation of Star Trek, Kenandy designed its new ERP from scratch with a singular purpose in mind: to deliver a robust solution quickly that would... more >