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Electronic payment solutions will turn your AP department from a cost center into a profit center with quarterly rebates.

Simplify processing for the AP team and reduce spend on check stock, decrease the time stuffing checks into envelopes, and lower postage.

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Creating a policy on managing, storing and retaining documentation can be time-consuming, but in the absence of a policy, organizations are in the wilderness without a map. Once created and enforced, an effective policy will greatly reduce the amount of time related to the... more >

Financial Leaders Must Embrace T&E Solutions Strategically to Drive Growth and Innovation, a new commissioned thought leadership paper conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Concur, explores the disruption occurring in T&E today and how financial leaders are... more >

Cloud technology has become a critical part of back-office processes for today’s competitive organizations. Employees in accounts payable, procurement and across the organization need to manage more tasks with greater efficiency and collaborate on spending decisions from any... more >

High growth organizations must manage spending for a wide range of products and services across decentralized operations. Controlled and streamlined indirect spend management is very important for a company’s success, as failure to maintain complete control of P2P processes... more >

Learn the 10 hottest trends for accounts payable and procurement business processes for CFOs, including:

• Cutting AP Invoice costs in half with paperless AP invoice processing
• Generating savings with more managed spend and contract compliance
• Enforcing... more >

How can your accounting team play a more strategic role in your organization?

This guide is designed to help your organization select the right accounts payable software solution for your modern accounting department, helping your organization to…

• Eliminate... more >

Certent’s disclosure research solution, DisclosureNet, provides intuitive and efficient access to public disclosures and helps locate qualitative and quantitative unstructured information to establish best practices and perform peer comparisons with ease. With Certent, you... more >

Everyone wants a crystal ball to be able to peer into the future. For businesses, that desire becomes a necessity because having a vision of the future allows for better and more strategic decision making in the present.

Download this whitepaper to learn 10 Best... more >

With a traditional on-premises ERP and even certain cloud solutions, the time spent on innovation is often spent on researching the availability of upgrades and then making sure the system works across different environments.

A pure, multi-tenant SaaS solution, built... more >

Have you been thinking about moving your ERP to the cloud? But, are concerned about the true costs and benefits to moving your entire business over.

According to Nucleus Research, cloud ERP customers have experienced 43 percent faster payback than legacy on-premise... more >

APQC reports that 30% of CFOs that are unhappy with their current planning solution. Most FP&A professionals want a planning and forecast process that is fast and repeatable. They want the financial data to be accurate and transparent to the deepest levels. They need... more >

Today’s CFO is tasked with ensuring that the finance team operates at peak performance, with an eye toward lowering costs, increasing speed, and reducing bottlenecks in the system. With competing priorities and busy teams, it’s hard to know which initiatives will best move... more >

Let’s look at the complete AP process: receive an invoice, find the appropriate purchaser for invoice approval, enter invoice data into the accounting system, request payment approval, execute payment, print checks, and mail.

Processing an invoice is more than just a... more >

Card-based B2B payments represent an exciting opportunity for card issuers,triggering plenty of discussion and hype. This
MineralTree topic paper takes a closer look at the real potential of card-based B2B payments, drawing from an analysis of commercial payments made... more >

In today’s world of constant technological advances, automation has become the norm in most areas of business. To stay ahead of the competition and drive growth more quickly, savvy businesses are using automation as a way to stand out. Herein lies the concept that automation... more >

Many businesses use corporate credit cards, but often limit their use for Travel and Expense (T&E) payments.Businesses also use corporate credit cards for Accounts Payable (AP) payments but find themselves limited to a smaller number of vendor payments.

Using... more >

Over the last few years, organizations have shown an increasing interest in back-office technology—an interest that can be attributed in part to increasing globalization in business operations and growing pressure from executives to reduce costs while improving productivity.... more >

Download the New 2017 SEC Filing Calendar so you're prepared for the year ahead.

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There are many ways to drive a business into the ground; erroneous disclosure is one way; producing hurried or manually generated disclosures are two more. It’s one thing to have unideal numbers – product sales didn’t quite make the cut or
projected forecasts fell short... more >

It’s been just over a decade since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was introduced, but insufficiencies in internal controls over financial reporting are still common. Last year, the SEC received a total of 1,814 amended 10-K filings and 3,019 amended
10-Q filings, suggesting a... more >

Different finance departments want different financial solutions. Some may simply require financial reporting while, at the other end of the spectrum, some will want a comprehensive performance management solution. This paper compares different approaches to these choices... more >

Every year, like clockwork, we finance professionals begin what is the most dreaded enterprise process known to our kind. The spreadsheets, the all-nighters at the office, the unreliable information and again, the never-ending spreadsheets, are all contributors to the hell... more >

This guide is based on the cumulative experience of Carlson Management Consulting’s team having performed more than 175 implementations and optimizations of Adaptive Insights with clients internationally and in a broad range of industries. Furthermore, we have built a... more >

A great deal has been written over the past 20 years regarding companies’ efforts to simplify their internal decision-making frameworks and use more real-time data in an effort to be more flexible and adaptable to an increasingly unpredictable business environment. The... more >