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The #1 Thing to Know When Building World-Class Enterprise Budgeting Systems: Excel Spreadsheets Are Here to Stay

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Excel spreadsheets are not going anywhere when it come to budgeting and financial planning in enterprise level businesses and organizations.

Excel is the fountainhead of budgeting and planning. Its flexibility, accessibility, ease-of-use and universality make it a natural tool for developing budgets and forecasts. Excel enables users to easily create sophisticated formulas and models that aid business comprehension and let users quickly interrogate a variety of scenarios using what-if analysis. The ability to distribute, collect and consolidate Excel-based templates to corporate cost and revenue centers is a fast and straightforward way to gather and distribute financial data – for companies in early stages of growth.

Are you in “Spreadsheet Hell” but your organizations still love the simplicity of Excel? Are you ready for unified financial modeling AND the ease of use of spreadsheets?

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