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5 Fatal Flaws Killing Disclosure Management Processes

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There are many ways to drive a business into the ground; erroneous disclosure is one way; producing hurried or manually generated disclosures are two more. It’s one thing to have unideal numbers – product sales didn’t quite make the cut or projected forecasts fell short, succumbing to outside forces. But it’s another thing entirely when a finance team has exhausted its efforts on fruitless, manual tasks or when procedures have become a hazard more than a help.

Status quo disclosure is status quo because it barely scrapes by. Organizations who fit the “status quo disclosure” bill aspire only to pass regulatory requirements and avoid fines – but they also fail to recognize the strategic potential of financial reports as a means to communicate value bluntly to investors. These organizations have a Disclosure Management Cycle that is particularly susceptible to error. In fact, the effects of these poor processes may already permeate the reporting company’s financial reports.

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