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Accounts Payable: Embracing The Strategic Evolution

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Due to the increasing complexity of making supplier payments as companies grow, within and across borders, and the need to procure ever more complex products and services, accounts payable has been undergoing a game-changing revolution from a back-office afterthought to a core, even strategic, business function.

Companies leveraging the latest advances in technology and data availability are inspiring and driving this accounts payable transformation. These companies are redefining best practices, and in so doing are creating the blueprint for other companies to follow when transforming accounts payable into a strategic function that delivers value across the enterprise. Companies willing to navigate the journey to what defines best-in-class accounts payable in today’s global web-centric world can realize lower supplier payments costs, mitigate fraud, eliminate compliance and payment risk exposures, improve supplier relationships, and unlock the strategic value the accounts payable function can offer for rapidly growing companies.

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