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Bringing It All Together: Achieving ERP Agility Within the Enterprise

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A great deal has been written over the past 20 years regarding companies’ efforts to simplify their internal decision-making frameworks and use more real-time data in an effort to be more flexible and adaptable to an increasingly unpredictable business environment. The current word to describe this trend is “agility.” Finance leaders have struggled for years with the transition of their role from merely supporting decision-makers with accurate data to instead leading financial and strategic thought in their corporations.

The finance function is now expected to access data, understand it, manage using data, and predict business as equal participants at the strategy table. In many cases, however, the current state of their systems and slow adoption of business tools prevents them from moving as fast as they need. More often than not, finance leaders are often saddled with poorly implemented and disconnected back-office systems. The standard for far too many finance operations is to rely primarily on a nest of unstable and inherently slow-performing spreadsheets.

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