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The Chaos of Month-End Close: A Survey of Accounting and Finance Professionals

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If you talk to the spouse or close friend of almost any accounting or finance professional, they know about month-end close. They might not know all the details, but certainly they will be aware of the need to be intensely focused on work for a regularly scheduled period each month. This can be a stressful time for many individuals who work in finance teams, with tight timelines, many issues outside of their control, and the high stakes for the accuracy of their work adding to the pressure of jobs that are already challenging.

This research report explores the experiences of accounting and finance professionals with month-end close processes. What is the impact on the people responsible for the work? What parts are most difficult? Can technology help to make this time less intense and the outcomes more effective?

The following report, sponsored by FloQast, is based on a survey of 259 accounting and finance professionals. All had responsibility for month-end close processes in a hands-on, managerial, or support function. Questions were asked on a wide range of subjects including experience with close, confidence in current approaches, and attitudes towards close management software.

Download this White Paper to learn more about their experiences.

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