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Cloud Accounting Implementations 101: No Risk, Just Reward

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It wasn’t that long ago that the big company question was “why cloud?” Today, the question is assertively “which cloud” followed by an immediate “why didn’t we make the move sooner?” It’s clear that the cloud has revolutionized much of technology, and Accounting systems are no exception.

And yet despite all the inherent benefits of cloud financial systems, the success of your Accounting system and implementation depends largely on a few unique factors. We all know stories of implementations that took too long, cost too much, or never did quite reach the finish line - issues that could have been prevented had things like “platform choice” (ie. single cloud vs multi cloud) been more carefully evaluated.

So what key things should you consider as you evaluate new accounting systems? How will those considerations impact the implementation processes and outcome? And what types of solutions mitigate risks and offer higher rewards throughout the process? Download this evaluation guide to find out.

This guide highlights key considerations such as:

  • Benefits of single cloud vs multi-cloud approach on accounting implementations
  • How to plan out your project team, the key players, and skill sets required
  • Cloud security expectations and how to ensure your data is protected
  • Platform tools and features to cut implementation time and get you up and running quickly
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