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Confessions of a CFO: Coping with Unexpected Business Challenges

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Where did it say “sleepless nights” in your job description?

You know it all too well. But, if you’re like many, you hesitate to admit the reality: It just isn’t easy being a CFO. Your company relies on you for financial leadership, but as your organization grows, so do the challenges—faster closes, cleaner audits, smarter revenue management, deeper analyses, regulatory compliance, multinational consolidations... Add it up, and the headaches and sleepless nights are almost inescapable.

If outdated or constrained financial software infrastructure has held you back, there’s a better way. Intacct offers powerful, flexible, best-in-class financial management solutions that are transforming the way small and medium-sized companies increase efficiency, drive growth, and plan for the future. In other words, Intacct helps CFOs make a difference.

In the following pages, you’ll read about the secret truths that CFOs are loath to admit—the things that keep them up at night. More important, however, is how Intacct can help you respond to these challenges.

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