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The Employers’ Guide to Effective Telecommuting

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Working remotely is all the rage these days, especially given all the conversations about work-life balance. After all, who doesn’t want to be checking things of their to-do list on a warm, sandy beach (or even in bed)?

There’s a clear benefit to working remotely for employees: it minimizes commute times and unnecessary interruptions in the office, and it means they get to spend more time with their families. In fact, Forbes has found that remote workers are happier and feel far more productive than when they are required to be in the office full-time. But if you’re a manager or employer, you likely have understandable concerns. If someone is telecommuting, how do you keep in contact? Schedule a meeting? Stay on the same page with clients?

The good news is that the same technology that allows employees to work remotely allows you to manage them effectively. You don’t have to fully become one of those “work from home” companies, but the following tools will making providing telecommuting flexibility a breeze. Download to learn more!

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