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Finance Automation For Accounting Automation

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Your Office of Finance is the powerhouse of the business. It manages the money. Almost every function of the department is critical to the business: from planning, organizing and auditing, to controlling the company’s finances and preparing financial statements. The entire company’s success rests squarely on the shoulders of the Office of Finance.

Your Office of Finance manages the money—but is it on the money? Is it in control of its day-to-day processes? Ask yourself, Do you have:

  • Full control of all your financial processes?
  • More than just manual controls over errors?
  • Complete control on all data feeds?
  • Intelligent control on reporting?
  • Total control on compliance within the processes?

Take the regular rush to close your organization’s books at the end of every fiscal period, for example. Every month-end, quarter-end, or year-end, scarce staff resources are absorbed managing the process. The root of the problem? Cumulative unresolved transaction issues, end-to-end process transparency issues and manually driven tasks such as data transferring or validation. It’s costing your business time and money

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