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Growing Pains: Has Your Business Become Too Big for QuickBooks?

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As your manufacturing business grows, the limitations of QuickBooks become painfully obvious. In response, most organizations gradually implement various workarounds. So how do you move beyond this patchwork of point solutions (each with its own database), spreadsheets, and even index cards?

The next logical step is an ERP solution. Moving your company to cloud-based ERP enables more efficient and effective business operations. With a cloud ERP, like Kenandy, you can have access to material requirements planning (MRP), inventory and warehouse management, core financials, and more all on the power of the Salesforce App Cloud. Having all this on one platform —enabling you to share company-wide information in real time—eliminates manual processes and silos of information. In addition, it saves you precious capital and time, since a cloud-based system gets rid of large up-front investments in hardware and software.

Download this white paper to learn how you can leverage Kenandy to compete in today’s competitive environment. Explore useful case studies of how Kenandy can help a manufacturing business, like yours, deliver products to market more efficiently.

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