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Leading & Engaging A Multi-Generational Workforce

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Our year of birth is both unique and important, because the events we witnessed, the cultural attitudes we live with, and the beliefs of our era have built certain values, attitudes, and behaviors, which then manifest themselves as expectations at work. These behaviors and expectations shape the way that we think about our workplace and our careers, and vary widely across the generational cohorts featured in the sidebar to the left.

Currently, with 3 to 4 generational cohorts working side-by-side in most workplaces, the topic of generations has risen in popularity. One of the largest differences between the generations is in the way they communicate. While Baby Boomers were taught to respect authority and that rewards come to those who wait, Generation X has been taught to dis-regard workplace politics and drive performance through personal innovation, and Generation Y is taught to speak their mind and that rewards come from those who demand the most from the world around them. All of this, to say, creates an extremely diverse work-force which requires more complex and blended approaches to leadership and engagement than ever before. And, we can almost guess that as the world continues to grow more and more interconnected, so will the need for focus and improvement on the people operations strategy of your business.

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