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The Nine Circles of Excel Hell: Why FP&A Belongs in the Cloud

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It’s not that Excel isn’t a great spreadsheet program — it is. But, let’s face it, Excel breaks down if you’re trying to gather data from across the organization, roll up departmental plans, or do complex, collaborative planning.

A volatile economy demands a smarter approach to financial planning and analysis (FP&A), and more and more finance professionals are discovering that manual Excel-based planning just doesn’t let you go there.

Trying to force it to do so is like trying to use a hammer to build an entire house. It’s useful, but you’re going to need some other, stronger tools as well.

This eBook is about transforming the Nine Circles of Excel Hell into something more powerful— FP&A in the cloud. It’s based on our experience of helping over 3,000 mid-size and enterprise companies escape the chaos of infinitely interlocking spreadsheets, cascading scenarios, formula clash and unseen errors.

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