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Risk & Reward: Are You Still Using Spreadsheets for Budgeting & Forecasting?

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Many organizations and businesses use spreadsheets for financial functions such as budgeting and forecasting. While spreadsheets provide a very valuable benefit to corporate finance executives, especially in the creation of one-time spreadsheets, the balance sheets, forecasting and profit & loss statements that originate from an organization’s general ledger records must be instantaneous and completely accurate.

This white paper explores and analyzes the main issues arising from spreadsheet-centric budgeting, as well as the business benefits and advantages of alternatives. These alternatives include software built and optimized for budget and forecast creation, management and long-term financial planning.

This white paper discusses:

  • Excel’s shortcomings illustrated in short, real-life, examples
  • Budgeting & Forecasting software alternatives and benefits
  • An implementation checklist for migrating to Budgeting & Forecasting software
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