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Why Spreadsheet Budget Models Frustrate the CEO & Board of Directors

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You've finished drafting your budget; now it's time to present it...

For CFOs and financial teams, this is perhaps the most important and visible time of year. You’re finishing up next year’s budget, and preparing to present it to your leadership team and Board of Directors.

No one needs to tell you how hard you’ve worked creating the budget. If, like many companies, you built your budget in Excel, you’ve spent countless hours piecing together multiple spreadsheets, and programming complex formulas and macros to arrive at projections. You’ve also spent many hours preparing accurate, meaningful analysis and reports for the flood of meetings this time of year brings.

As you present your budget, you’re sure to encounter various what-if questions and alternate scenarios. It’s difficult to calculate the impact of these on-the-fly in Excel.

While Excel is an excellent program with many useful applications, it’s just a simple fact that representing the complexities of a company budget in a spreadsheet is a difficult endeavor. Download today to learn how to overcome the frustration!

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