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Anyone know anything about Bookkeeper360? I have been job searching and this company keeps popping up. It sounds intriguing but a little too generous in its pay and training and advan...
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Decommissioning Provision

Tania Lockas
Title: Accountant
Company: Big4
(Accountant at Big4)
Hi there, I am in need of some help :)! I have a fully depreciated asset. Recently, my company decided to extend its use until 2029. Also, the interest rate has changed significa...
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Deferred Property Tax

Title: Accountant
Company: ---
(Accountant at ---)
I have been going rounds with this and need some help to make sure that my books are accurate. For simplicity's sake, my yearly property tax bill is 12k. Our state allows us to pay in...
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Revenue Recognition

Kevin T
Title: None
Company: None
(None at None)
(Cutting Edge) is a monthly magazine that has been on the market for 18 months. It currently has circulation of 1.4 million copies. Negotiations are underway to obtain a bank loan in or...
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Reporting for Employee Friend Assistance

Title: Accountant
Company: ---
(Accountant at ---)
What is the best way to handle this? One of our employees will be traveling to do an exhibit set up and will be taking a friend to help him (we don't have any available employees to he...
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Payroll Implementation Software

Hi, Let me introduce myself. I am passionate blogger and new manager in a organization. Recently I have enrolled in to a PMI RMP Certification Training (
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Donation of fully depreciated computers

Our company recently donated fully depreciated computers. I know there should be a journal entry that debits accumulated depreciation and credits computer equipment, but should there al...
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How do I record a non cash transaction from a fundraising event

(Account Manager)
Our nonprofit had a donation booth at a sporting event. We received donations but received a credit from the event sponsor as they are also a club we have awarded grants to in the past...
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What is the best accounting software that can help me to manage all my monthly transactions?

Elena James
Title: Business Analyst
(Business Analyst at
What is the best accounting software that can help me to manage all my monthly transactions?
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How is POS Different From My Accounting Software?

Sheetal Kamble
Title: Software Analyst
Company: Technology Counter
(Software Analyst at Technology Counter)
How is POS Different From My Accounting Software?
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What are EOR services?

petterson bennett
Title: accountant
Company: Accounting Outsourcing
(accountant at Accounting Outsourcing)
Employer of Record (EOR) is an alternative payroll solution often provided by staffing companies.
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How to maintain employment of records?

petterson bennett
Title: accountant
Company: Accounting Outsourcing
(accountant at Accounting Outsourcing)
Its necessary for small business that how to maintain employment of records..need to discuss about that
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How do I pay myself?

I'm not sure how to explain this, so I'll try my best. I'm self-employed. I do freelance work for a website. I don't know how to pay myself though. I mean I don't know how to make t...
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Accounting for a Cost Plus Subsidiary

(Manager of Accounting)
We have an international subsidiary with a cost plus agreement. The subsidiary does not generate any revenue and is established only to handle the wages and employee benefits of our int...
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Equity movement of a branch

Title: International controller
Company: None
(International controller at None)
Hi all How the capital movement should take place between branch and the parent entity? Here I am referring to best practices when it comes to excess cash blocked in the branch? T...
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Can I record /expense purchases into an inventory account if I am a cash basis business

Ron Rochester
Title: Account Manager
Company: R Rochester Business Services
(Account Manager at R Rochester Business Services)
Can I purchase items into inventory and expense over time, when using a cash basis accounting system. We purchase larger than needed quantities to get bulk discount pricing. Do I ha...
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Online Accounting Systems

Sima Singh
Title: Software Strategist & Digital Marketing ..
Company: Technology Counter
(Software Strategist & Digital Marketing .. at Technology Counter)
What other online accounting systems are used besides the double entry bookkeeping system?
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Revenue sharing - payment to the customer

Hi, hopefully it is a quick question. Our company just started to do revenue sharing with a customer, we are paying the customer 80% annual fee and 80% interchange fees based on the i...
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Bookkeeping Question

Hello all, I have a startup company that I am working through and I had a couple bookkeeping questions. It is a very small startup, $20K income/expenses per year. We buy materials...
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What vendor payment software would you suggest for a small to medium company?

Jana Welsh
Title: Accounting Manager
Company: Elementum 3D, Inc.
(Accounting Manager at Elementum 3D, Inc.)
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