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What statistical forecasting tools, models & techniques would you suggest to forecast secured cash flow

Hewitt Hsiao
Title: Product Manager
Company: Y&S Ventures
(Product Manager at Y&S Ventures)
I work in an online gambling company. In this industry, paying money to your customers in time is the most important thing, so our company needs to reserved lots of cash to run daily bu...
4447 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

What POS system is best for a small retailer?

Jason Rollins
Title: VP Finance
Company: Virginia Clothing Company
(VP Finance at Virginia Clothing Company)
10078 Views | 10 Answers/Comments

Banking And The Cannabis Industry

I have a client who is selling child-proof packaging to the medicinal marijuana industry. They have had a couple of banking relationships, both of which started out fine, but later the...
2685 Views | 0 Answers/Comments

Intercompany Loans between U.S. entities

Anon Anon
Title: Trsry
Company: Anon
(Trsry at Anon)
What are the rules regarding intercompany loans between U.S. entities (U.S. parent to U.S. sub)? I want to set up physical cash pooling in the U.S. between U.S. entities and am thinking...
5599 Views | 4 Answers/Comments

International performance bond from a seller's perspective

The U.S. company I work for deals extensively with international customers. Many contracts require us to post a performance bond against default (~10%) to ensure delivery of a product ...
4271 Views | 1 Answers/Comments

Has anyone had any experience as a CFO working for B2B CFO that they would be willing to share?

5314 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

Positive Pay

I've recently joined a company as CFO (having been venturing in other areas for awhile) and have been asked to look into a Positive Pay situation which is apparently a more recent a...
10403 Views | 3 Answers/Comments


(business banking)
I'd like some advice. I currently work in banking MNC in India, specifically business banking (small and medium enterprises). I would like to go into corporate banking, but I wasn&#...
7052 Views | 0 Answers/Comments

Who typically leads working capital initiatives in larger companies? Accounting,Treasury, or individual departments (AR, AP, inventory replinishment)?

I'll define "larger" as being over $500 million in revenue. So who leads and coordinates goals in working capital?: 1. The controller/accounting area; or 2. Treasury/Finan...
1689 Views | 3 Answers/Comments

ACH Authorizations

Ken Stumder
Title: Finance Director / Controller
Company: Ken Stumder, CPA
(Finance Director / Controller at Ken Stumder, CPA)
Do any of you use standing ACH Authorizations to help secure your bank accounts? Do you find it problematic or beneficial overall? One of the steps to getting this set up is to provide ...
1118 Views | 6 Answers/Comments

Cash Conversion Cycle Analysis DPO vs DSO vs DIO

(Finance Director / Controller)
Working on some cash conversion analyses for our board and management and the methods one can use to calc DSO/DIO/DPO are varied. I have seen DPO calcs done using purchasing while other...
2199 Views | 5 Answers/Comments

PayPal Isn’t a Bank, But It May Be the New Face of Banking

Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
LinkedIn Profile
(President & CFO at
According to a WSJ article: "By some measures, PayPal Holdings Inc. holds more customer money than all but 20 U.S. banks. What does that say about the future of banking? At the ...
1357 Views | 1 Answers/Comments

FATCA: Why Your Bank Is Asking for More of Your Information

john Olson
Title: Senior Associate, Marketing Programs and..
Company: Radius | Global Growth Experts
(Senior Associate, Marketing Programs and.. at Radius | Global Growth Experts)
Why does your bank suddenly want more of your information? One word: FATCA. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, FATCA’s full title, is a system of information excha...
1496 Views | 0 Answers/Comments

Benchmarks/options for Working Capital financing?

We are a $15mm - $25mm revenue technology and services company looking to spend ahead of new sales. We have an offer for a $2m working capital line based on our A/R. We probably need ab...
1614 Views | 1 Answers/Comments

Can an incoming wire transfer be considered a deposit in transit?

A customer initiated a wire transfer on 12/30/11 but it did not post to our bank account until 1/03/12 (first banking day of 2012). Could this be considered constructive receipt and...
55023 Views | 16 Answers/Comments

Do you include Construction in progress when completing a currency reconciliation?

Example if you are a sterling functional currency organisation and you complete a euro currency reconciliation to identify your exposure, what accounts do you include? Would you include...
2045 Views | 1 Answers/Comments

Detecting P Card Fraud


Have you come across PCARD fraud where the receipt is electronically altered to change a personal receipt to that of a company's expense?

913 Views | 6 Answers/Comments

Double Counting Foreign Currency Translation

Margaret Carey (ACMA)
Title: Business Development
Company: Raida solutions
LinkedIn Profile
(Business Development at Raida solutions)
Hi, I'm in the process of translating a USD entity into GBP and have come up with a Foreign currency translation reserve (FCTR) amount which makes sense. The calculation is all off ...
3601 Views | 3 Answers/Comments

What are some of the benefits to centralizing our cash management? Do they outweigh the risks, given the current unstable economic climate?

13928 Views | 3 Answers/Comments

Are short intercompany loans denominated in foreign currency subject to exchange risk from consolidation perspective?

8507 Views | 6 Answers/Comments

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