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(Accounting) Being in a manufacturing industry for almost 20 years, our company has maintained a strong good working relationship with our customers, whether locally and abroad. We have protected and maintained our branding and our old customers still being patronized. But due to a lot...
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Andro Box
Title: Process Engineer
Company: NetCenter
(Process Engineer at NetCenter) We are in the process of setting up a brand new IT operations centre for our client. We already have few processes in terms of ITIL, but is there any guide you can point to, for all the required processes and documents that need to be followed.
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Demetra Guillory
Title: Medical assistant
Company: Cy-Pain and Spine
(Medical assistant at Cy-Pain and Spine) Is it legal to put PTO hours back that are used just to avoid regular pay overtime?
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(CFO) We (US based entity) need to open an escrow account in either Hong Kong or the UK. Is it possible to open one without physically going there? Service providers? Anyone has any experience doing so? Need to open it ASAP. Thanks
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Roger Frederick
Title: CFO
Company: Private
(CFO at Private) I have a small consulting business. What are some things that I should look at? Experience? Cost? What else?
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(Owner) Hi, we recently hired in a contract CFO to look at our computers to check our overhead, the way we are structured and so forth. He also has a client that is trying to get into the same industry as my business. A week after he went through my computers , the other business...
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Maria Daniels
Title: Owner/operator
Company: Reset Business Consulting
(Owner/operator at Reset Business Consulting) I am a smaller business. I am considering hiring someone to work for me on a commission basis. I know whenever I first started in the industry I work for commission. I am not sure the best way to approach this. Should I pay a small hourly wage, and commission on top of...
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Marwan Binyameen
Title: CFO
Company: Alsoraye investment Co.
(CFO at Alsoraye investment Co.) As a newly hired CFO, What should my first financial plan be for the first year?
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ashok kunwar
Title: accountant
Company: SOS Children's Village, Nepal
(accountant at SOS Children's Village, Nepal) 4 objective key competence required for Job?
James J.
Title: Finance | Strategy in Retail
Company: Undisclosed, Inc
(Finance | Strategy in Retail at Undisclosed, Inc) Hi, I wanted to see if anyone has had experience acquiring, organizing, and using competitor information sourced from a (internal) organization's sales team. Do you use a combination of a tech solution w/ business process, outside data provider, proprietary meetings at...
Elena Benito Ruiz
Title: CMO @ BeeBole
Company: BeeBole
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(CMO @ BeeBole at BeeBole) Hi, I'm conducting a qualitative research on how managers choose tools. In this case, it's employee time-tracking tools. My question for anyone out there is whether you use some sort of procedure, a checklist, a sheet, just annotation...what it's exactly that you use to...
Jessica Bozzo
Title: Content Project Manager-Finance
Company: Argyle Executive Forum
(Content Project Manager-Finance at Argyle Executive Forum) Hi Proformative Community, Please participate in the quarterly CFO Global Business Outlook Survey, the world's longest-running and most comprehensive research on finance executives’ economic and business optimism, conducted in collaboration with Duke...
Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
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(President & CFO at I'm only talking about lowering the Corporate tax rate and the 1-time tax on foreign dollars brought back to the US. How would you spend the excess dollars that would have gone to Uncle Sam? Hire employees Give raises CAPEX Dividends Other
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Gerald Rockwell
Title: board memberpfh9c
Company: Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area
(board memberpfh9c at Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area) We are in the process of improving our by-laws. I am looking for example term limits from other organizations. Any ideas? Gerald
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Roger Frederick
Title: CFO
Company: Private
(CFO at Private)
Robert Hawn
Title: Partner
Company: Strategy Law, LLP
(Partner at Strategy Law, LLP) As a San Jose corporate lawyer, many of our clients make their money through software licenses.  As part of their deals, a number of risks have to be allocated. One major risk is that our client’s customer may get sued for infringement due to the software they...
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Nanda Kumar
Title: Analyst
Company: RU
(Analyst at RU) Hello members, I am looking for articles or insights into outsourcing of environmental management activities. Examples of Environmental management activities are compliance with environmental regulation, treatment of polluting effluents, waste disposal, minimization of use...
Title: CFO
Company: C-Suite Services
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(CFO at C-Suite Services) Other Tesla (or political) issues aside, I think this is the right response and more importantly, the right perspective for ALL employers. At Tesla, we aspire to operate...
Daniel Zimnikov
Title: Founder
Company: Joint Diplomacy
(Founder at Joint Diplomacy) I'm opening a multi-member LLC (only owned single ones before) and want to make sure that I'm understanding the situation correctly. LLC's are pass-through entities that require members to file their share of profits even if the profits are re-invested (aka no...