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Does Payroll report to HR or Finance?

Liz Armstrong
Title: Controller, consulting
Company: Consulting
(Controller, consulting at Consulting)
I'm interested in getting feedback from large employers (over 100 employees) with out-of-state employee and have somewhat complex payroll (lots of deduc...
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Pain Points with Payroll Cards

Adam Rust
Title: Director
Company: WiseWage
(Director at WiseWage)
I have a question. I'm trying to do research on pain points with using payroll cards. Generally, I'm an advocate for the use of these cards if employers have workers who are unbanked....
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What do you do after you have been fired for not committing fraud

It is great that our profession says we are not allowed to commit fraud. I was recently fired because I refused to fraudulently charge out a grant. I now have no references. I am forced...
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CFO Interviews

For those of you who are CFOs or have interviewed candidates for the CFO position, what was the hiring process like? I am currently interviewing for a CFO position through a recruiter. ...
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Vacation vs PTO (Paid time off)

Simon Westbrook
Title: CFO
Company: Aargo Inc.
( CFO at Aargo Inc.)
In recent years I have seen a number of companies switch from having separate vacation, sick, and personal time off to an integrated PTO system. Regardless of the reason for not attendi...
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Education/Career Guidance

I have worked in cost accounting (construction) for 8 years and received my bachelors in business from a good private university. I finally made the transition to a Controller position ...
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Education/Career Guidance

I have worked in cost accounting (construction) for 8 years and received my bachelors in business from a good private university. I finally made the transition to a Controller position ...
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MBA with Finance concentration or Masters in Finance?

Marc Crance
Title: Accounting Manager
Company: Hanna Instraments, Inc
(Accounting Manager at Hanna Instraments, Inc)
I am at a crossroads in my professional growth and need some advice. I have been working in accounting in increased roles for the last 7 years. I have been a controller for small engine...
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How to handle EE Support Order requiring health insurance, but EE refuses to sign paperwork?

Kate West
Title: Consulting CFO
Company: The C Corps
(Consulting CFO at The C Corps)
I have a client who offers a basic health insurance program for EE's with EE Only, EE+Dependents, and Family coverage. The company recently received a letter stating there is a court o...
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Payroll vs HR

I’m the controller for this company (DGE) for the last 6 years. They used to do payroll in house for the last 50 years. This year, my bosses asked me to get a quote from an outside pa...
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Job Title CFO vs. Controller vs. Finance Director what is the proper pecking order

I am helping out a colleague who is trying to fill an opening in his company. It is a retailer doing over 25M. The current person that is leaving holds the title of Finance Director...
243853 Views | 21 Answers/Comments

Hiring Outside Payroll Provider

(Senior Controller)
Hi Everyone, I wonder how you would handle this situation? I am a controller directly overseeing 6 staff in the accounting department. 4 clerks and 2 senior accountants. I have been w...
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Compensation management software comparison

Lee Johnston
Title: VP, Finance and Corporate Strategy
Company: LT Apparel Group
(VP, Finance and Corporate Strategy at LT Apparel Group)
I'm looking for a comparison compensation management solutions, specifically PayScale and's CompAnalyst. I'd like something more robust than a survey management tool - someth...
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What is the worst interview question you have been asked or asked during an interview?

Ernie Humphrey CTP
Title: CEO & COO
Company: Treasury Careers
LinkedIn Profile
(CEO & COO at Treasury Careers)
I saw an article on this topic on LinkedIn and thought it would great to get some comments from the Proformative Community. From my own experience, I was asked "if you could give o...
42544 Views | 25 Answers/Comments

Is it just me?

Title: Senior Controller
Company: SO Corner Prop Mgmt
(Senior Controller at SO Corner Prop Mgmt)
Hi Everyone, Last year in February 2017, I saw a wire transfer to a dealership in Santa Monica. The wire description mentioned one of my staff's name. The wire was sent by one of our...
23293 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

Corporate Finance Job Titles: What do they actually mean?

Chris Shumate
Title: Accounting Manager
Company: Dominion Development Group, LLC
LinkedIn Profile
(Accounting Manager at Dominion Development Group, LLC)
There are several corporate finance job titles. Among them are CFO, Treasurer, VP of Finance, Director of Finance, Director of Accounting, Director of Financial Reporting, Corporate Con...
120360 Views | 10 Answers/Comments

Part Time vs Full TIme

Vernon Reizman
Title: CFO
Company: RCM Industries, Inc.
(CFO at RCM Industries, Inc.)
We are having trouble getting workers at $13 - $14/hr pay plus benefits. Thinking of creating part time positions at $15-$16/hr for 24-30 hrs. weekly without benefits. My HR manager thi...
352 Views | 1 Answers/Comments

What's my job title?

I work for a smaller company so I wear a lot of hats. How does one find a suitable job title in this situation? Some of the duties I perform include: -oversee and sometimes perform t...
515 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

Out of control CEO - should I inform Board Member?

(Director of Finance and Operations)
Long-story short, our CEO has made some critical decisions that, ultimately, will jeopardize the shareholder value of the company. From internal politics to short-sighted sales tactics,...
5320 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

What do you like most about your job?

Susan Scott
Title: HR Manager
Company: Private
(HR Manager at Private)
Since this is not a job interview, although this question does get asked in interviews, please try to answer without regard to how it may reflect upon you. I know, that is not easy!...
500130 Views | 22 Answers/Comments

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