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Steve Harris
Title: President
Company: The People Advantage
(President at The People Advantage) Does anyone have a recommendation for a program (or other methods for that matter) for training an experienced business professional who is moving into a controller role as their first finance position? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
Anonymous Member
(CFO) My company knows I'm planning on retiring in the near future, and they've indicated they want to go ahead and start looking for my replacement. They would like to find someone who would be willing to work directly under me (essentially shadowing me) for one to two...
Susan Scott
Title: HR Manager
Company: Private
(HR Manager at Private) Since this is not a job interview, although this question does get asked in interviews, please try to answer without regard to how it may reflect upon you. I know, that is not easy! I'll start things off. On the most basic level, I enjoy talking with people. My job...
Pablo Gomez
Title: Marketing assistant
Company: NNROad
(Marketing assistant at NNROad)
Jason M. Jones LPA
Title: Client Service Coordinator
Company: Hemphill Wright & Associates CPAs
(Client Service Coordinator at Hemphill Wright & Associates CPAs) Over the last 4-5 years, there has been a significant increase in accounting and finance practitioners marketing themselves as part-time/interim/fractional/outsourced CFOs, and I am curious as to what some of you, as CFOs, controllers, or otherwise think of this trend. Is...
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Liz Armstrong
Title: Controller, consulting
Company: Consulting
(Controller, consulting at Consulting) I'm interested in getting feedback from large employers (over 100 employees) with out-of-state employee and have somewhat complex payroll (lots of deduction and earnings codes, various incentive programs-commission & bonuses, fringe...
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Adam Rust
Title: Director
Company: WiseWage
(Director at WiseWage) I have a question. I'm trying to do research on pain points with using payroll cards. Generally, I'm an advocate for the use of these cards if employers have workers who are unbanked. I think direct deposit is a win-win. However, I want to understand both sides. If you...
Anonymous Member
(Principal) It is great that our profession says we are not allowed to commit fraud. I was recently fired because I refused to fraudulently charge out a grant. I now have no references. I am forced to sue them and spend a significant amount of money to do so but I feel like the victim...
Anonymous Member
(Controller) For those of you who are CFOs or have interviewed candidates for the CFO position, what was the hiring process like? I am currently interviewing for a CFO position through a recruiter. The first interview was 1.5 hours long with the owner of the company, and the second (and...
Simon Westbrook
Title: CFO
Company: Aargo Inc.
( CFO at Aargo Inc.) In recent years I have seen a number of companies switch from having separate vacation, sick, and personal time off to an integrated PTO system. Regardless of the reason for not attending work, the employee is charged against his or her accumulated PTO accrual. While...
Anonymous Member
(Controller) I have worked in cost accounting (construction) for 8 years and received my bachelors in business from a good private university. I finally made the transition to a Controller position at a small commercial landscaping company doing $15M/year. I am leading a project to...
Anonymous Member
(Controller) I have worked in cost accounting (construction) for 8 years and received my bachelors in business from a good private university. I finally made the transition to a Controller position at a small commercial landscaping company doing $15M/year. I am leading a project to...
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Marc Crance
Title: Accounting Manager
Company: Hanna Instraments, Inc
(Accounting Manager at Hanna Instraments, Inc) I am at a crossroads in my professional growth and need some advice. I have been working in accounting in increased roles for the last 7 years. I have been a controller for small engineering company and currently an accounting manager for a mid-size private international...
Kate West
Title: Consulting CFO
Company: The C Corps
(Consulting CFO at The C Corps) I have a client who offers a basic health insurance program for EE's with EE Only, EE+Dependents, and Family coverage. The company recently received a letter stating there is a court order requiring EE to provide health insurance for children in the support order. The EE...
Anonymous Member
(Controller) I’m the controller for this company (DGE) for the last 6 years. They used to do payroll in house for the last 50 years. This year, my bosses asked me to get a quote from an outside payroll provider so I did. Once I got the quotes, they decided on which payroll provider. To...
Anonymous Member
(N/A) I am helping out a colleague who is trying to fill an opening in his company. It is a retailer doing over 25M. The current person that is leaving holds the title of Finance Director. Previously the position was CFO but it was felt that the company really wasn’t large...
Anonymous Member
(Senior Controller) Hi Everyone, I wonder how you would handle this situation? I am a controller directly overseeing 6 staff in the accounting department. 4 clerks and 2 senior accountants. I have been working with this employer for 7 yrs. My situation is that the CEO and the Chairman of Board...
Lee Johnston
Title: VP, Finance and Corporate Strategy
Company: LT Apparel Group
(VP, Finance and Corporate Strategy at LT Apparel Group) I'm looking for a comparison compensation management solutions, specifically PayScale and's CompAnalyst. I'd like something more robust than a survey management tool - something that will facilitate the merit increase process and generate employee compensation...
Ernie Humphrey CTP
Title: CEO & COO
Company: Treasury Webinars
LinkedIn Profile
(CEO & COO at Treasury Webinars) I saw an article on this topic on LinkedIn and thought it would great to get some comments from the Proformative Community. From my own experience, I was asked "if you could give one person poison that would end their life or put it into a pond that could kill no one...
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Title: Senior Controller
Company: SO Corner Prop Mgmt
(Senior Controller at SO Corner Prop Mgmt) Hi Everyone, Last year in February 2017, I saw a wire transfer to a dealership in Santa Monica. The wire description mentioned one of my staff's name. The wire was sent by one of our co-trustee (P). At the time, I thought the trustee (P) will give me the wire back up and an...